[OUT] Caer Galen A&S

Caer Galen is known as a Barony full of wonderfully talented artisans. Once a year they come together impressing all spectators with the variety of talents this lovely Barony offers. This time again draws nigh! I have been blessed the honor of autocratting this year's Baronial Arts and Sciences. I humbly invite all artisans of Caer Galen, and onward to demonstrate their talents before very fortunate spectators.

The event will be held January 26th (2008), at Unity Church in Boulder, 2855 Folsom St. Boulder CO (UnityofBoulder.com). The event will start at 10am, and the site will close at 10pm. The site fee is $10, $5 for children 6-12. Babes in arms, and under 5 will be free.

I-25 north to 36. 36 West into boulder. The highway eventually turns northbound and becomes 28th street. Follow this road north and turn Left on Valmont Rd. Take this street a few blocks until Folsom. Turn left onto Folsom. The church is on the southwest corner of the intersection

The Feast (prepared by THL Thomas Dudley) will be $10. There will be offboard seating. The feast will be prepared with recipes from Libro di cucina/ Libro per cuoco (14th/15th c.) (Anonimo Veneziano) Menu: Bread, Garlic cheese spread, Butter First Course: Chicken / Cheese / Spinach lasagna, Apple tarts Second Course: Roast leg of Lamb, Agliata (roasted garlic sauce), Mushrooms, Spinach cheese tortellini and cheesecake to wrap it up

If you plan to enter this event please email Lord Padraig O'Suileabhain ( Arts@caergalen.org) and convey to him your space requirements, and needs. We have lots of space, but we would like to plan ahead for all of our entrants. No hard feelings if you reserve, and cancel last minute (realistically speaking we've all been there). Should you wish to attend your entry for the judges, a schedule of judges will be available for the entrants so you can manage your classes around this time table.

*Caer Galen A&S Champion: This category is open to participation, and winning by anyone. There have been no restrictions placed on media, or content this year. There will be a special category for dogal item in any form. This means regalia for the doge, images of the doge, *anything* related to the doge. Any ethnic Caer Galenite may win. Please speak with their Excellencies for documentation should you require it.

*Populace and Doge's choice: All entries will be eligible for the Populace, and Doge choice prizes. Everyone who attends A&S will receive tokens to demonstrate their support for the best entry, Later in the evening (at his leisure) the Doge will announce his choice.

*A&S Display: For those people sensitive to criticism, or just want to display their works in a non-competitive forum, here's your chance. As above, please email Padraig with your space requirements.

This site is a very discreetly wet site, with the caveat that no one partake anything red. Food, and beverages have a strict *No Reds* policy. The site has lovely new carpeting, and we'd like to keep it that way.

There will be prizes for all of the winners, including the possible prestigious honor of being Caer Galen A&S Champion!

Should anyone have further questions please feel free to contact me directly Hospitaller@CaerGalen.org

Herrin Merlyn Vollarc Location:
Barony of Caer Galen (Boulder Colorado)