Western Martial Arts Seminar

Schola Saint George the Omaha Study Group* Announces a Western Martial Arts Seminar” Join with Us, Saturday, February – 2nd – 2008

Meet and Study with; Mr. Brian Price, Historical Combat Systems Instructor - Founder & Head-Researcher; Schola Saint George, (a historical western martial arts academy, Hq; DFW Tx, USA) who will be presenting: “Longsword Fundamentals” using Fiore dei Liberi’s /Fior di Battaglia /(Flower of Battle), a 14th Century Italian illustrated manuscript on hand-to-hand and weapons combat. The treatise contains a complete system of armed and unarmed fighting skills. Translations and continuing first hand research of these methods and tactics are the subject of Mr. Price’s Book; “Sword in Two Hands”. These manuscript illustrations represent battle proven close combat skills, many of which are still similarly used in numerous martial arts and fighting styles found worldwide today.

Seminar Fiore dei Liberi’s. “Longsword Fundamentals”
When Held: Feb 2nd (w/ SSG testing 3rd) February 2008,
Limited Space: 30 students
Held at: Therese’s Taekwondo,
132 N Washington (84th) Street, Downtown Papillion, Nebraska.

The cost: $50; (per student) includes lunch on Saturday.

To register: contact Tim Hardisty , registration deadline is 23 January 2008

For more information,
Omaha SSG at ~ http://www.scholasaintgeorge.com/omaha/index.html

Event coordinator, Tim Hardisty (SCA: Mikail Azadan Askoldovich) email azadan@gmail.com

Tentative schedule of events is as follows:

Saturday, 2 February 2008
8am: site opens for check-in and final registrations
9am: Longsword Fundamentals, part 1
Noon: Lunch on Site
1pm: Longsword Fundamentals, part 2
5pm: seminar site closes
6pm: Dinner w/ Brian and the SSG-Omaha members for those who wish to join us.

Sunday, 3 February 2008
8am: site opens
9am: "Compagno" rank testing for SSG members Location:
Schola Saint George Omaha Study Group (Papillion, Nebraska)