DunDraCon needs you!

Margrethe Astrid Ravn reports that DunDraCon, a gaming convention that runs from February 15-18, 2008 in San Ramon, California, is looking for SCA members to serve as experts and offer demos.

Margrethe writes:

DunDraCon is one of the longest running RPG conventions, and is held over the same weekend of Estrella. In previous years, the convention has asked SCA members to give seminars on various topics that might interest our convention goers, as well as perform a quasi-demo displaying how a classic DnD scenario might work in the real world (Can you really fit 6 fighters in one 10x10x10 dungeon space?)

This year, we're only asking for people to sit the table (much like the Arts and Sciences display tables at 12th night!) and fight in the demos. We also need marshalls and support crew for the demos, as well as those who are willing to wander the halls and answer questions about the beautiful clothes SCA people will wear inside.

Each demo will run one hour of general fighting/scenarios, and one hour of 'whack-a-knight'. We're looking for people to sit the room in 2 hour shifts to watch the gear, answer questions, but for the rest of the time, please enjoy the convention.

Please email me off-list if you are interested, and thank you!

-Meg Creelman (aka Margrethe Astrid Ravn)