Estrella War XXIV: Revised Driving Directions from Yuma

Duchess Katerina O'Callaghan shares revised driving directions for the upcoming Estrella War XXIV.

Her Grace writes:

I write today to communicate a small adjustment to the directions to the Estrella War XXIV site previously published on the website and in the January Kingdom newsletter articles.

It has been brought to our attention by some travelers from Southern Caid that this one line in the DIRECTIONS FROM YUMA (or From San Diego) section:

"Travel east on AZ 287 (approximately 8 miles) to AZ-79, and turn left (north), following signs to Florence."

Would be better stated as this:

"Travel east on AZ 287 (approximately 8 miles) to AZ-79, and turn left (north). Go a short way into the town of Florence, turn right on Butte Avenue, then left onto AZ-79."
I have capitalized the revised section of the directions below:

DIRECTIONS FROM YUMA: Take your best route to I-8, and travel east, following signs for Phoenix. Where I-8 ends, take exit 178B to I-10, and travel west on I-10 (approx 10 miles), following signs to Phoenix. Take exit 194 off I-10 for AZ 87/287 (approx 17 miles), following signs to Casa Grande/Coolidge. Travel through Coolidge and turn right (east) on AZ 287, following signs to Florence. TRAVEL EAST ON AZ 287 (APPROXIMATELY 8 MILES) TO AZ-79, AND TURN LEFT (NORTH). GO A SHORT WAY INTO THE TOWN OF FLORENCE, TURN RIGHT ON BUTTE AVENUE, THEN LEFT ONTO AZ-79. Travel through Florence (approx 2.5 miles) and turn right on E. Price Road (a dirt road just south of the railroad tracks).

The Estrella War XXIV staff apologizes for the lateness of this change, and ask that this information be reposted to other lists that may find the information useful.

Duchess Katerina O'Callaghan
Acting Kingdom Media Officer