[NOR] Bardic Madness XVIII

I am proud and happy to announce that Bardic Madness XVIII will take place on the weekend of April 25-27 in Phelps, WI, hosted by the Shire of Mistig Waetru in honor of their 20th anniversary, and co-hosted by the Shire of Skerrjastrond! Details are sketchy at this time, but you can expect all the fun, challenges, and inspiration that have become legendary at Bardic Madness. The site is a K-12 school in Phelps, WI.

For more information, visit the Northshield website page for the event at: http://www.northshield.org/Events/EventAd.aspx?ID=438 . We are planning an event website to debut in the next few weeks, as well as an event flyer that you can pick up at events over the next few months.

Although there will be options to stay at local inns if preferred, or you may day trip for Saturday when the main part of the event will be taking place, there will be crash space at the site, so plan on bringing your cot/sleeping bag and making a weekend of it!

Thank you for your patience as Freydis and her northeastern friends worked on finding the perfect site for the event. I hope you will put the event on your calendar and plan to join us!

Shire of Mistig Waetru (Phelps, Wisconsin)