[NOR] Regional Archery Practice

I would like to announce a regional archery practice for Sunday January 20th from 11 AM to 3 PM in Nordskogen. This will be after the Nordskogen 12th night event so for anyone who is in town Sunday feel free to stop on by.

In order to accommodate individual travel schedules the shoots will be up for the entire 4 hour period and you will not need to be there at the start or stay until the end. The practice will be held at the Bwana archery range located near 35E and Little Canada Road (directions below). This is an indoor 20 yard range with the option to place targets closer for new or youth shooters. there is a range fee of $6.50 per shooter, no charge for observers.

In addition to having some novelty and standard targets setup we will have the Winter Archery Challenge (http://web.raex.com/%7eobsidian/wint.html) targets and anyone who wishes to record a score are welcome to do so, we can submit your scores directly or forward them to your groups marshal if they prefer to track and submit the score.

We will also have the baronial loaner gear on hand for anyone looking to try archery. This includes left and right handed bows for both youth and adult, arrows, finger and arm guards. There will also be basic arrow repair supplies on hand if you have equipment that needs some work.

If you are planning on coming and can send a reply to me directly it will help for us to know how many lanes to secure when the range opens at 11 AM. Notification is not necessary, just helpful.

Directions to Bwana Archery Range: 3015 Country Drive, Little Canada, MN 55117 Take 35E to Little Canada Road (first exit south of I-694). From Northbound 35E, turn left onto Little Canada Road then turn right onto the frontage road just past the southbound exit ramp. >From southbound 35E, make a U-Turn to the right to get from the exit ramp to the frontage road. Take the frontage road for up to 1 mile and look for the yellow archery sign on the left hand side.

Please let me know if you have any questions and we look forward to seeing you at the range for the regional archery practice! Location:
Barony of Nordskogen (Little Canada, Minnesota)