[ATE] Gathering of Crusaders

This is a friendly reminder that the Shire's annual event, the Gathering of Crusaders, is a little over 3 weeks away. The event will be on Saturday, January 26th at Riverside Park next to the Territorial Prison. The event will feature the return of the Fighter's Pit, where you can bet on your favorite fighter (or just bribe the bookie to make sure he or she wins).

We'll also have some period games, lunch prepared by Ladies Imma and Constance, and the always popular auction.

Gathering of Crusaders Event
Shire of Burning Sands, Yuma
January 26th, 2008
Riverside Park, Yuma
Site opens 9:00 AM, closes 5:00 PM

Please be thinking about items and/or services you can put up for the auction. Almost anything will be welcomed by the auctioneer, from simple items found at the dollar store to artisans' skills (such as banner-making and bottle-sealing) to confectionary treats. Speaking of treats, if anyone would like to prepare a dessert to accompany the lunch, please feel free.

Also, please bring any displays of heraldry you may have to decorate the park. If you have any questions, feel free to email me.

Site fee: $10.00 for Adult members, $13.00 for Adults non members, Youth 5 - 17 years $5.00, children under 5 years are free. Site fee includes a light midday meal, please bring feastware.

Take your best route to Interstate 8 and into Yuma. Exit the highway at Exit 1 (Giss Parkway), make a left. Take the first right (Prison Hill Road), make another right just before the Prison parking lot. Site is wet. Location:
Shire of Burning Sands (Yuma, Arizona)