[AET] Combat Symposium

I present to you a 2-day extravaganza of fighting geared to female fighters, there will also be classes for men and pickups to be had by all on Sunday. The Combat Symposium will be held March 1and 2, 2007, 10AM to 6PM.

The site for day one is at the St. Andrews United Methodist church in Weston Mills, NY. The site for day two is Showers United Methodist church in Olean, NY

Food: We will be ordering out for food so plan ahead with some cash to cover pizza or Chinese

Lady SuGyong will be teaching and guiding an armor workshop all day sat. Lady Eowyn Swiftlere has agreed to do drills and armored practices, and I shall be lecturing on sca tactics, but best of, the second day will be a day of practice, fellowship, and sharing for female fighters and those who support them. You need not have armor to attend the classes and drills, but a tournament is planned for later in the day.

Cost: And all this is free! Though a donation for heat and lunch is asked of those attending to offset these costs. No reservations are required: donations will be taken at the door. For details, please contact Lord Nugg at lordnugg@yahoo. com

From I-86, take the Olean, NY exit 26 make a right at the end of ramp then take the first left at the light on to Front St. at the end of front St. you come to a T at the T on Saturday make a left on Sunday make a right Saturday go 2.8 miles on rt. 417 east to the St. Andrews UMC. It is on your right.

Sunday make a right go 2.8 miles to the corner of 17th St. and State St. (rt. 417 west) it is on your left

Again if you have any immediate questions, don't hesitate to call. I'm a bit slow with email as I said.

Thanks alot!

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