Popping the cork with style

Amaze your friends! Learn how to open a champagne bottle with a sword! No kidding, WikiHow has the instructions.

From the website:

"Amaze everyone at your next social function with le sabrage, or opening a bottle of Champagne with a sword. Napoleon's officers did it — you can, too! Teaching yourself to "behead" a bottle of champagne isn't hard, but takes a little practice (and a case or two of cheap bubbly) to perfect."

Disclaimer: SCAtoday.net has not tested this technique and makes no claim as to whether it is safe. We advise caution, as anything involving weapons and glassware is potentially dangerous.

I've seen this done!

I took a trip to Slovenia this fall, and we went to a winery where they let one of the guests open a bottle of sparkling wine with a sword. He did it on his first try! It's pretty cool.