Holy Grail discovery claimed in the Louvre

Glasgow historian Mark Oxbrow believes he has found the real Holy Grail in - of all places - the Louvre in Paris. Oxbrow believes it is a "green gem-encrusted serving dish which he thinks could have been used at the Last Supper."

The Patene de Serpentine has long been a part of the medieval collection of the museum and does date to the time of Christ. Oxbrow began his research on the dish after his accidental discovery of it in the museum. He says, "It's impossible to prove 100 percent that the Patene de Serpentine is the real Holy Grail. But the Patene is a sacred medieval treasure that perfectly matches every detail of the earliest descriptions of the Grail. It was in the right place at the right time. There is certainly a lot of interest in the theory."