[WES] March Madness

As winter rushes away and spring comes forth with a symphony of color . . . blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Cast off the shackles of propriety and answer the call of mischief, mayhem, merry making and madcap frivolity. Join in the silliness and fun that is March Madness.

There will be a FOOL'S TOURNEY for both heavy and rapier and of course all are expected to show an appropriate level of foolishness in the lists.

HEAVY TOURNEY - first will be a Fool's crested joust (on stick horses of course), the second part will be the crested tourney (without the horses). As part of this there will be a competition for the Best War Horse and one for the Best Fool's Crest; also Most Outrageous Death.

RAPIER - will include a Fool's Crest Tourney also with competitions for Best Fool's crest/hat and Most Outrageous death and fanciest kill.

A THIRD COMPETITION will be held to determine the champion of the day - a Japanese tourney of Ro-Sham-Bo (rock-paper-scissors).

OTHER AMUSEMENTS include: BARDIC - - the Court Jester - performance of the famous Chalice from the Palace scene from the movie Court Jester.

COOKING - the Seven Deadly Sins - dishes to portray the sins (lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy and pride) Example - for sloth: something that can be eaten with minimal effort or wrath something very spicy.

OTHER ACTIVITIES - circlet finials even if you don't wear a circlet make one with finials.

Quick the Bard (combat musical chairs)/ Quick the Bard - Scavenger Hunt/ Stomp the Duck

There will also be a Riddle quest
To challenge those whose wits are at their best.
In this one day, alone or in a team,
To answer all the riddles you must scheme.
The riddles will be well hidden throughout the land;
The first one shall be found in the autocrat's hand.

LOCATION: Jewel Lake Parish, 3833 Strawberry Rd Anchorage, Ak

Now for the boring stuff.

Feast is potluck with meat dish being furnished. Please bring a potluck dish according to the first initial of your mundane last name: A-F Dessert; G-F Vegetables; N-S Breads, spreads and Cheeses; T-Z Starches, (potatoes, rice pasta).


Site fee: Adults - $7.00 Children 12 to 4 - $3.00 Children 3 and under Free

Site opens 10:30 am and Closes 9 pm

CONTACT Information: Jacki Frederick (Elspeth Bouchannane) edenwildATacsalaskaDOTnet Location:
Barony of Eskalya (Anchorage, Alaska)