[EAL] Cloth of Gold Costuming Competition

Eoforwic invites you to EALDORMERE'S CLOTH OF GOLD COSTUMING COMPETITION April 11 -12, 2008

Location: Lake Vista Clubhouse, 450 Emerald Avenue, Oshawa, ON L1J 1K4,

Hours: Opens 6 PM Friday, closes 6 PM Saturday.

Site Fee for those checking in on Friday night: $20 CAD (this includes a hot breakfast, lunch, and drinks and snacks during the night)

Site Fee for those coming on Saturday: $5 CAD, Plus $3 CAD Non-Member Surcharge as applicable

Make cheques payable to SCA- Eoforwic.

The Competition
Each team of no more than 8 members have 18 hours to make a complete outfit, from underclothes to outerwear and accessories. A Fashion Show/Show-and-Tell will take place at 3:30 pm where the outfits will be judged and a winner will be declared. **Team Registration Cut-off date is Friday, April 4, 2008.** For detailed contest rules, see below.

Event Steward
Jocelyne Roget de Cranewall (Yvonne Rogers)

Bantiarna Medb ingen Dungaile (Jackie Wyatt)

Because of the intense nature of this event, any team members travelling any kind of significant distance are encouraged to arrange for crash space and/or have a driver not on the team drive you home. This is a very tiring competition; if at all possible give yourself a day to recuperate. We schedule this event to end reasonably early on Saturday so that the teams can pack up and travel home or to their crash site and still have some time to sleep it off then travel home safely.

401 Eastbound:
Take EXIT 417 toward RR-2 / SIMCOE STREET. Turn LEFT onto BLOOR ST W /RR-22. Immediately turn RIGHT at lights onto SIMCOE ST S / RR-2. Turn RIGHTonto WENTWORTH ST W / RR-60. Turn LEFT onto CEDAR ST. Turn RIGHT ontoEMERALD AVE.

401 Westbound:
Take EXIT 418 toward RR-16 / RITSON ROAD / RR-2 / SIMCOE STREET. Turn RIGHT onto TORONTO AVE. Turn RIGHT onto RITSON RD S / RR-16. Turn RIGHT onto WENTWORTH ST E / RR-60. Turn LEFT onto CEDAR ST. Turn RIGHT onto EMERALD AVE.

The Rules

  • Teams may have up to 8 people maximum, not including the model. If the model assists the team, they must be counted as a team member. If not, they do not count towards the maximum number.
  • Laurels of all stripes are encouraged to compete! Teams with costuming/textile laurels must enter in Advanced.
  • No age limits (min/max).


  • Patterns may be drafted in advance or you may use commercial patterns.
  • Complicated underwear or accessories (hats, buttons, shoes, corsets, bumrolls) may be made in advance or purchased.
  • No pewter casting, glass bead making or other blowtorch work permitted at site.
  • All Other Rules Apply!


  • Teams with costuming/textile laurels must enter in Advanced.
  • Patterns must be drafted on site.
  • Expectation of greater complexity and execution of accessories on site.
  • All Other Rules Apply!

The Facilities

  • You must bring everything that you need – no last minute runs to Fabricland are permitted!
  • Limited supply of spare bobbins, white thread and other notions may be available.
  • Unlimited number of electrical appliances allowed, but access to power may be restricted.
  • Please bring extension cords and power bars!!!
  • Ironing boards are permitted on the Stage which is equipped with extra power facilities. You are welcome to bring your own ironing board and iron.
  • Site includes ample supply of tables/chairs.
  • We hope to set up a vinyl Garage in a corner of the (large) room for crash space use (similar to change facilities at Fall Crown). Bring a sleeping bag and/or cot, if you want to take a nap.

The Scope of the Project

  • Garb must be made for a specific person – the model
  • Garb is top to toe, from the skin out. Includes underwear, corsets, hoops & bum rolls, hats, shoes, pouches, etc.

Fabric & Patterns

  • Complete measurements can be done in advance
  • Patterns must be drafted on site
  • Fabric can be pre-washed, or sized in advance
  • Fabric must be flat and unmarked at start time
  • Embellishments may be done on site or in advance. Extra WOW points for embellishments done on site.
  • Purchased trim is allowed, but must be applied on-site
  • No pewter casting, glass working or blowtorch work permitted on site.

Accessories Rules

  • Accessories not made of fabric may be done in advance (Shoes, buckles, buttons, purse hardware, belts, etc.) Metal or glass accessories constructed under high heat MUST be done in advance due to fire regulations.
  • Exceptions :
    • Gloves - May be made/purchased in advance, but must be embellished on site
    • Socks – commercial is OK, or may be made in advance

Judges: 6 (this number is currently unconfirmed)
If you are interested in judging, please contact the Event Steward,Jocelyne Roget de Cranewall (Yvonne Rogers). or Magistra Nicolaa de Bracton(905)427-4943 (no calls after 10 pm please).

Award Categories

  • Early period - 600 to 1100 (ie: Byzantine, Saxon, Viking)
  • Middle period - 1100 to 1450 (ie: Burgundian, Houppelandes, Cotehardies)
  • Late period - 1450 to 1600 (ie: Rennaisance, Tudor, Elizabethan)

Any other category will be judged separately if there are at least 3 entries - non-European - ie Middle Eastern, Oriental - or horse bardings (horse need not be present!), etc.

Judging guidelines

  • 20 points per category
  • Creativity
  • Fit
  • Scope
  • Workmanship
  • Completeness

Special points

  • 25 - Proof & vindication of how/why you did what you did written or oral (may be done in advance)
  • 25 - Accessories made on site
  • 50 - General WOW! factor of what you tried to accomplish

Total possible points 200

Additional Awards:

  • Royals’ Choice
  • Entrants' Choice
  • Autocrats' Special Recognitions

http://sca.uwaterloo.ca/Eoforwic/events/cog/ Location:
Eoforwic (Oshawa, Ontario)