Estrella War XXIV: Marshals and Waterbearers Needed

Duchess Katerina O'Callaghan reports that marshals and waterbearers are needed for the upcoming Estrella War XXIV which takes place February 12-18, 2008.

Her Grace writes:

Estrella War XXIV (Feb 12-18,2008): Marshals and Waterbearers Needed Tue Dec 25, 2007 8:31 am (PST) The Marshal-in-Charge for Estrella War XXIV and the Atenveldt Kingdom Waterbearer are asking for volunteers to help on the fighting fields during three days of combat scheduled at Estrella War XXIV (www.estrellawar. org). They are asking specifically for volunteers who can serve as authorized heavy combat or rapier marshals, those who can serve as waterbearers on the combat fields, and those who can assist at four waterbearing stations providing support for the heavy combat and rapier fields.

Combat is planned on multiple fighting fields at these dates and times:

  • FRI, FEB 15th: Heavy Combat Scenarios (10:00 AM until combat ends), and Rapier Combat Scenarios (Noon until combat ends)

  • SAT, FEB 16th: Heavy Combat and Rapier Scenarios (10:00 AM until combat ends)

  • SUN, FEB 17th: Heavy Combat and Rapier Scenarios (10:00 AM until combat ends)

Marshals are asked to sign up before the event by contacting one of the marshals listed below. To volunteer after arriving at the event, Marshals should sign up at Volunteer Point or at Marshal's Point when it is open.

MARSHAL-IN-CHARGE FOR ESTRELLA WAR: Count Balor, KSCA (Scott Wilfong)623- 339-2070 or sir_balor@ [OMIT SPACES]

KINGDOM RAPIER MARSHAL: THL Malise Aethalstan MacKendry (Tim Makofske) 480-644-9273 or THLMalise@ [OMIT SPACES]

DEPUTY KINGDOM RAPIER MARSHAL: Maitre Wilhelus le Casse, OP(Wesley Corder) 623-262-2339 or quasimortal@ [OMIT SPACES]

The Principal Kingdoms at Estrella War XXIV will jointly operate four waterbearing stations on the heavy combat and rapier fields, and ask that all volunteers coordinate waterbearing support through those four stations. If at all possible, waterbearers are asked to sign up before the event so waterbearing can be scheduled to properly support all fields during the entire course of combat.

To volunteer as a waterbearer before the event, you can contact the ATENVELDT KINGDOM WATERBEARER (THL Aurelia Chrysanthina Dalassene at 602-692-5970 or ldyaurelia@ [OMIT SPACES]) or one of the Principal Kingdom Waterbearers, or you can signup by emailing the VOLUNTEER COORDINATOR (THL Eden Blacksmith at volunteer08@ estrellawar. org [OMIT SPACES]).

Once at the event, you can volunteer to waterbear at Volunteer Point, or at the Main Waterbearing Station at the time you wish to volunteer.

A Waterbearing 101 Class is scheduled as part of the COLLEGIUM schedule at the Estrella War XXIV. If you have never volunteered as a waterbearer, or wish a refresher course on the fun you can have supporting fighters on the field, please check the class schedule in the gatebook or on the website, and attend this class!

The four Water Bearing Stations are also in need of 2 liter plastic bottles! Please save them and contact the ATENVELDT KINGDOM WATERBEARER to arrange for pick up/delivery before the event, or bring them to the Main Waterbearing Station. Donations of other supplies (pickles, oranges, Gatorade, etc.) are also welcome, with pick up/delivery coordinated through the ATENVELDT KINGDOM WATERBEARER.

The Estrella War website (www.estrellawar. org) has a wealth of information about the Estrella War XXIV to be held Feb 12-18, 2008 at Canyon Moon Ranch in Florence, AZ. If you're considering scheduling a winter vacation to attend the event next year, your planning should start with looking at the Estrella War website!

Duchess Katerina O'Callaghan, OP
(Katie Richardson)
Acting Kingdom Media Officer, Kingdom of Atenveldt
Mattkatie2@ [OMIT SPACES]
See the most details at www.estrellawar. org