Traditional and Folk Music Hour radio program begins January 5, 2008

Melandra of the Woods has announced that she will host The Traditional and Folk Music Hour on KVHU 95.3 FM beginning January 5, 2008 at noon.

Melandra writes:

Scheduled to start on Saturday, Jan 5th, at noon, I am proud to present The Traditional and Folk Music Hour, KVHU 95.3 FM.

It may be heard live on the net by clicking on "original article" below.

The first program consists of Jigs and reels, 19th century American favorites, Celtic mouth music, featured musician Joe Jewell, and three very different versions of Twa Sisters.

To find out how you can be a featured musician, or to receive information on helping to sponsor this show, email

Pass the word, please listen, and then send me some helpful critiques!!

Melandra of the Woods