Four-day intensive war training event to be held in An Tir in April

An Tir, long known for great parties, A&S and some of the best one-on-one fighters around, is finally coming around to the rest of the Known Worlde in trying to actually train War Units, offering a four-day intensive war training event called "Art of War."

The main instructors will be from outside of An Tir: Master John the Pell from The East/AEthelmearc, Sir Straum from Midrealm, Count Sir Balin from Caid and Mistress Isabeau and Master Joseph (the Event Stewards from Estrella War).

All food and board is provided, and sleeping arrangements range from semi-private cabins to Adirondack lodges to crash space on the floor of the Great Hall.

For information and reservations, see the event web site (link below) or write Sir Brand of An Tir at