Talkback Message Forums Temporarily Delayed

Moderation of the "talkback" forums, where readers can post comments about stories on, will be temporarily delayed for the first few days of Pennsic. Comments submitted about stories on are moderated by the editorial staff for the site, to prevent spammers or pornographers from abusing the forums and to filter out profanity (we try for a PG-13 rating on this site). Normally, we have three people who monitor the comment queues and approve them as quickly as possible, but during the first few days of Pennsic all three moderators will be offline.

You are still welcome to submit comments, but they will wait in the queue until the Mystic Mail internet facility is up and running at Pennsic, allowing us to get back online. The delay begins on Friday, August 1, at about 5:00 p.m. US Eastern Daylight time, and continues until Mystic Mail is online, some time the following week.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

The good news is, once we are back online during Pennsic, we will be posting stories live from Pennsic War this year, in cooperation with our partner site, the Pennsic Independent Online Edition, .

We thank all of our readers for their continued interest in!

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