Ulric Wulfricson, bastion of Pennsic Tech Services, enters Valhalla

The Kingdom of AEthelmearc and the SCA grieve for the loss of THL Ulric Wulfricson, who entered Valhalla on December 16. Ulric was known for his extensive service, including keeping the lights running for the A&S and performance tents at Pennsic War as part of the Technical Services team.

Baron Master Devon Adair Bartholomy, Friend and Longship-Builder, shared the sad news:

Phillip Anderson, known in the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. as the Honorable Lord Ulric Wulfricson, Companion of the Scarlet Guard, Companion of the Millrind, Companion of the Golden Alce, Companion of the Keystone, Companion of the Raven's Feather, and Companion of the Black Talon, set out across the Bifrost Bridge on December 16, 2007 CE. Having battled the pneumonia army, an enemy small in stature but vast in number, for weeks-- Ulric is now drinking with Odin and giving the Valkyrie grief. In keeping with his wishes, there will be no funeral for Phil, but friends will honor Ulric's long service to Thescorre, Pennsic, and the SCA in general as well as his prowess in archery and thrown weapons with a Viking funeral at this coming Pennsic. Ulric's Lady-wife, Katrina of York (Pam Anderson) requests that anyone wishing to pay tribute to Ulric or extend other expressions of sympathy consider making a donation to the Human Rights Campaign, World Wildlife Fund, or Planned Parenthood in his memory.

Master Lyev Davidovitch, who benefited from Ulric's Pennsic service as a member of the A&S team, added:

As part of Pennsic's Technical Services, [Ulric] gave countless hours seeing to it that the Arts & Sciences tents (and specifically the European Dance tent) had lights for evening revels. Many evenings, just as the dancers and musicians had shown up and were ready to start, somewhere in the A&S area a circuit-breaker would get tripped and knock out our lights. (For those that don't know, the Coopers Lake line was not laid down anticipating dancers and performers requiring floodlights and such gobbling power up -- it took a lot of work on his part and others' to get this running.)

He'd get a frantic call from me, and have to trudge back to try and diagnose the problem. Even though he had just sat down to dinner at his camp after a long day at Technical Services, he never once complained or even seemed unhappy to be helping us out. He'd just sort of shrug his big shoulders and say in a humble way, "It's the job I volunteered for, no problem."

One evening when he did this, before he could sneak away back to camp and before the happy dancers an musicians would re-start their revels, I introduced him to everybody: "Behold! Our revels can resume thanks to the hard work of this gentle! Let us thank Ulric, HE THAT TAMES THE LIGHTNING OF THOR HIMSELF!" and he got a standing ovation from everyone.

For that he almost seemed to blush (if you saw him you'd understand what a trick that was). I hope that he really knew that many people were grateful for his hard work.

Several members of the SCAtoday.net staff have also known and worked with Ulric, and we join in offering our condolences to his close friends and family, and wishing his spirit a safe journey to Valhalla.