[MID] Festival of Maidens 35: Þorrablót III

It's time again to come together in mid-winter, enjoy the warmth of friendship & eat questionable food as Würm Wald Presents FESTIVAL Of MAIDENS 35: ÞORRABLÓT III

Saturday 19 January 2008

Historic Lincoln Hotel 209 South Broadway • Urbana, IL 61801 Come Join Us for the Usual Mayhem and Fun! Site Opens 9 am • Site closes 12 midnight

Make checks payable to SCA--Würm Wald

Until 7 January over 13 $8 - 6-13 $4 - under 6 free cap of $30 for family (2 parents and children under 13 living at the same address) After 7 January over 13 $10 - 6-13 $5 - under 6 free cap of $35 for family (2 parents and children under 13 living at the same address) THE ABOVE PRICES DO NOT INCLUDE THE NON-MEMBER SURCHARGE.

There will be fighting (Heavy, Light and Youth), Dancing, Merchants, a Craftsman's Fair, a Skaldic Circle and much more. The site is Handicapped Accessible. There is no official child care. Pets are allowed in the hotel but not at the event! Alcohol may be purchased in the Taproom; outside alcohol is allowed in the rooms but not in any public areas

Combat will be held in Lincoln Square mall and will be open to the public. Marshal in charge will be Baron Carlo dalla Casa. More details to come.

Combat will be held in Lincoln Square mall and will be open to the public. Marshal in charge will be Baron Philippe de Lyon. the Midlands Regional Rapier tournament will be part of the afternoon tournament.

Youth boffer will run from 9:30 am until we clear out for dinner. We may have a tourney with prizes, or maybe it will be melees and fun fights all day! Please bring your own gear as we have very limited loaner gear. Please remember that parents must be present to sign children in. Send questions to the marshal in charge, Lord James Douglas Eastland.

We urge anyone who wishes to teach a class to contact Kathrin of Würm Wald.

We will host a Craftsman's Fair, with artisans demonstrating or exhibiting and talking to passersby. We have arranged to set it up on the balcony leading down to the food court, so it will be the flow of traffic and accessible to the public. We're still working out the details, but if you are interested in working the fair, please write Kathrin of Würm Wald. Include how long you'd like to sit and demonstrate, when would be most convenient, where you would like it to be held and so forth. Let us know whether the craft you demonstrate would be messy as well :) We will provide tables, and we will include a list in the program of those who have reserved. We cannot guarantee space if no reservations are made.

Vendors will be coordinated by Fólki Þorgilsson (217.384.7333). Right now, vendors are restricted to single space (10x6), and spaces will be $15 each. All vendors must reserve their spaces in advance, and spaces will be confirmed beforehand. Any vendor who shows up without confirmation will be denied any space. Selling is allowed out of your hotel room.

There will be a skaldic circle in the evening as usualm conducted by Master John Inchingham or Master Cerian Cantwr. More details to come.

Baroness Alphia Biraz-Pars will again run dancing. We plan a classes in the afternoon and live music at the revel.

During the evening activities, there will be a dessert revel, featuring cookies, cheese, crackers and cakes but, unfortunately, no burnt lambs' heads or putrefied fish. We're still negotiating on the rams' testicles...

Once again, we are pleased this year to hold Maidens at the Historic Lincoln Hotel in Urbana, Illinois. The former Jumer Castle Lodge was built in 1924 as the Urbana-Lincoln Hotel and has been a local landmark since its opening. Within the last three years, it was sold to become the Historic Lincoln Hotel. The hotel has been renovated, modernized and refurbished according to the original architectural drawings and this year is under new management. The Tudor-style building is furnished with furniture, statuary, art, armor and other decorations that were custom designed or purchased in Europe, and the wooden beamed and buttressed ceiling of the original hotel was saved and Jumer craftsmen duplicated portions for the new lobby. The hotel has a swimming pool, a bar and a restaurant, and no swimmers under 16 who are not accompanied by an adult will not be allowed. If a qualified life guard is found, there will be a midnight swim.

A bloc of rooms will be held until 19 December at special rates. Double, singles and kings will have a special rate of $75 plus 11% tax per night (this does not include suites this year). Please note that you are with the SCA to receive the rate. The bloc will be released after 20 December, and regular rates will be in effect. Check in time is 3 pm; check out time is 11 am. Tell them you will have a pet; the fee is $25 extra. If pets or smoking are discovered in a pet-free or smoke-free room, a penalty of $50 is charge. We have been assured that the problems encountered with some members of the staff last year have been corrected. To make reservations, go to www.historiclincolnhotel.com or call 217.384.8800.

Take your best route to I-74 east of I-57. From the west turn right (south) at the Cunningham Avenue Exit (Exit 184), and from the east, turn left (south). Cunningham becomes Vine Street at University Avenue, and continue on Vine Street. Lincoln Square will be on the right (south) between Elm and Illinois Streets. Turn right (west) on Elm. The Historic Lincoln Hotel is in the northeastern quadrant of the Lincoln Square area and may be accessed by entrances on Elm and on Broadway. Parking may be obtained at the Municipal Lot between Elm and Springfield, to the north. Hotel guests may park in the HLH lot. Parking in the Lincoln Square lot is time limited. You may unload at the northern entrance; unloading must take no more than ten minutes.

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