[MER] Jour d'Amour III: Viking Love

You are invited to attend Jour d'Amour III: Viking Love and experience a weekend of fun and friends. Get your team together for the IRON GARB II competition! We are also hosting a skaldic competition and a tablet weaving contest. Come see the beautiful Valkyries escort heroic warriors off the field of battle!

As this year's event has a Viking theme, many of Shire of Drakenmere will be wearing Viking garb to help set the stage. We invite all who wish to participate by wearing Viking garb to please do so! If you need some simple patterns for ladies' wear, they can be found here: Viking Apron (can be worn over a simple T-tunic or over the Viking Underdress), Viking Underdress, Viking Cap. Viking brooches and other accessories can be found at Raymond's Quiet Press and other places on the Internet.

JdA III is also proud to be the event hosting the Meridies Heraldic Symposium

Event Schedule
Doors open : 5 PM on Friday, January 25, 2008
Traveler's Fare : From 7 PM until 10 PM (or the food runs out), on Friday, January 25
Site closes : 10 AM on Sunday, January 27, 2008

Site Details
Indian Springs State Park
678 Lake Clark Road
Flovilla , GA 30216

Lady Theodastria Loukianis
Make checks payable to "The Shire of Drakenmere, SCA Inc."

Co-Autocrats :
THL Dianora Lizabetta di Vittori di Cellini

Mistress Derbail inghean Conchobar

Iron Garb II Competition
At Summer Collegia 3 (summer before last), Drakenmere sponsored an Iron Garb Competition. It was a lot of fun, and we had looked forward to doing it again. Unfortunately, the site chosen for Summer Collegia 4 didn't have space for the competition. However, instead of just abandoning the idea we decided to move it here, to JdA II.

Although it's a bit early, I wanted to get info out ahead of time to encourage teams to sign up! This year our theme will be "The Absent Lady." Each team will be given a set of measurements, fabric, and trim, and will need to make an outfit to fit the measurements given. We will have up to four teams competing. More information will be posted as it becomes available and you can also contact me directly at senschale@drakenmere.org.

Tablet Weaving Contest
We would like to provide the opportunity for tablet weavers of all skill levels to show their work and win prizes! Entries will be divided into three categories: Best Novice Entry (tablet weaving less than a year) , Best Experienced Entry and Best Use of the Viking Love theme. These categories will be voted on by the populace and the winners in each category will receive a prize!

We want this contest to be a more relaxed, "show your pretties" contest, rather than an A&S Competition. What does this mean? We will ask each entrant to provide information such as materials used, where you got your pattern from, time period/place/extant example (if applicable). A short bibliography can be included, if you wish. We will also provide a comment sheet if you would like comments on your work (not required). All entries will be judged by the populace. No official documentation needed - no scoring sheets - no Judges.

You may enter more than one category, if you choose. You may have one "body of work" in each category that may include up to 5 tablet woven bands. Finished bands and bands that have been sewn onto garb are both eligible to be entered, so long as they were woven by the entrant.

Pre-registration is greatly appreciated, as we want to be sure to have enough room to showcase all the artisans who wish to participate. To pre-register, or if you have any questions, please contact Lady Myrgjol . Contest starting times and judging times will be posted closer to the event.

There will be an informal salon for needlework and other, related interests. Details to be announced at a later date.

Traveler's Fare : From 7 PM until 10 PM (or the food runs out), on Friday, January 25. Feast : A hearty northern fare provided by Lady Roscelyn Cameron.

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Shire of Drakenmere (Flovilla, Georgia)