SCA Memberships Required to Enter Eastern Crown Tourney

Her Excellency Baroness Katherine Barr reports that by order of Their Majesties Andreas and Isabella of the East Kingdom all combatants and their consorts wishing to enter the East Kingdom Crown Tourney must hold valid memberships. Baroness Katherine Barr, Seneschal of the East Kingdom reports:
"Their Majesties, Andreas and Isabella, are requiring that all combatants and consorts hold valid memberships until at least November 30, 2002 in order to enter Their Crown Tournament. If you are intending on entering Crown and your membership expires prior to that date, please immediately apply for renewal. When applying for renewal through mail, I advise that you also forward a self-addressed, stamped postcard along with your application to the Society Membership Office so they may confirm your membership renewal. You will need to bring proof of renewal with you to Crown. If possible, please provide the proof of renewal to Their Majesties and myself prior to Crown.

If your membership expires prior to October 31, 2002, or you have forwarded letters of intent without proof of current membership, and I have not already been in touch with you, please contact me immediately. You may e-mail me at

Thank you."