[ATL] Bright Hills Baronial Birthday

Tis the drear, dull, cold Winters day. It seems Winter shall never end, Spring never arrive and yet...wait...what is that Sound? Why, tis a harp song, perhaps a lark, no...a far distant voice, raised in song. Whatever could possess someone to come out into the cold just to sing?

Listen close, my friend, tis the sound of Bright Hills bards and musicians tuning up for our annual Baronial Birthday gathering. Come, join us as we have some fun indulging in a Feast of Fools day!

There shall be chosen a King and Queen of Misrule, A feast that begins with dessert and ends with too much to eat! Displays and competitions to amaze and amuse the populace and for the Ladies Pleasure... the Gentlemen's "Men in Tights" competition. Other pleasantries will be added and set forth here for your interest and edification.

Currently we have the following A & S competitions:

  • Period Toys and Games - documentation desired but not required. Two winners will result - one for best overall presentation and documentation - to be judged-and one "Kid's favorite" to be voted on by our youngsters. Sponsor is milady Tsura to je Stariji

  • Best Humorous Bardic Competition - be it song, story, poem or epic - It's got to be funny! Sponsored by Lady Yseulte Trevelyan Jesters Hat and Wand competition. Remember the Silly Chapeau competition a few years ago? Well, it's back in the form of something suitable for a Feast of Fools. Bring out your most correct, most period, most outrageous and imaginative Jester's hat and wand for this competition sponsored by Chagan Khulan

  • What Feast of Fools would be complete without Masks? In honor of our Baronial Birthday there will be a competition of masks in our Baronial colors - Black, White and Yellow or Sable, Argent and Or. as well as a mask competition in ALL colors. Sponsor is Lord Denis de Dijon

  • Rumor has it there may be an "Illusion Food" competition sponsored by Dame Olwen the Odd. and A "Dueling Bards competition sponsored by Lord Richard Wyn but we await details on these possible competitions.

Gentlemen! Make a leg and prepare to strut your stuff in your most dazzling pair of tights! This is a fundraiser for Colon Cancer sponsored by our Baroness Roana De Laci. Support the cause! Vote for the best Lord's Legs! A Surprise prize awaits the man of the hour.

This and more await your enjoyment at Bright Hills Baronial Birthday "Feast of Fools" on Saturday, February 9th. The site is the Manchester Volunteer Fireman's Activity Bldg, 3297 York Street, Manchester, MD 21102. ** Site address currently in the Acorn is incorrect. That address is the actual Fire House.

Questions should be sent to the new Autocrat - Chagan Khulan, at chagankhulan@comcast.net Location:
Barony of Bright Hills (Manchester, Maryland)