President's Report from July Board Meeting

Meg Baron, President of the SCA, Inc., has released the President's Report from the most recent meeting of the Board of Directors, held July 19, 2003, in California (USA). Greetings:

This is the President's report of the actions taken at the SCA, Inc.'s most recent Board of Directors meeting, held July 19, 2003, in Fullerton, California (Kingdom of Caid). This material may be freely distributed, and those receiving it are strongly encouraged to share this information with the general populace. Permission is hereby granted to reprint all, or part, of this report in Kingdom, Principality, and local newsletters. It is requested that the source of the information be identified as "from the President's Report of the July 2003 Board meeting" and that, as far as possible, exact quotes be used. Please note that this report is NOT the official Minutes of the Board meeting. In case of any discrepancy between this document and the approved Minutes, the Minutes are binding. Any inaccuracies in reporting contained herein are my own.

Subscriptions to the Board Minutes are available from the SCA Inc. A subscription includes this report in addition to the Minutes approved at the meeting. Past approved Minutes are also available on the SCA website (

The next Board of Directors meeting will be held on October 18 in Milpitas, California. The deadline for submission of agenda items is October 1.

Respectfully submitted,

Meg Baron President, SCA Inc.

------------------------------------ Branch Status Changes

1. The Board took note of the following new branches:

Canton of Stowe on the Wowlde (Sydney, NSW, Australia) College of St. Aldhelm (Australian National University, ACT, Australia) Shire of Borderscros (Albury-Wodonga, NSW/VIC, Australia) Shire of Rivermarch (Columbus, GA) Shire of Camden Tor (St. Mary's, GA)

2. The Board took note of the following routine changes in status:

Shire of Fontaine dans Sable (Farmington, NM) - to Barony Shire of Caer Galen (Boulder County, CO) - to Barony College of St. Carol's-on-the-Moor (University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana, IL) - independent college to a college of the Barony of Wurm Wald

3. The Board took note of the following branch dissolutions:

Shire of Castle Keep (Greene and Columbia Counties, NY) College of Riversmeet (West Virginia State College, Charleston, WV) Barony of Drei Eichen (Duren & K