[EAS] Third Baronial Investiture Anniversary

All hail and pray attend! We, the proud citizens of the Barony of l'ile du Dragon Dormant, are pleased to invite one and all to come and celebrate the Third Anniversary of the investiture of Pellandres and Valeria and our Barony's birth! All residents, old and new, ex-patriots who have left our lands for adventures far away, great friends and neighbors who have shared their experience with us in the past, are ALL warmly invited to return to our lands and join us in the revel!

It is our pleasure to announce that Their Majesties, King Andreas and Queen Gabriella, have accepted our invitation to visit their far-away lands and celebrate this joyous day with us!

Activities to help mark this grand occasion include our Baronial Championship of Fence, with challenges that will take the contenders both on the field in a display of prowess, and off the field in a display of knowledge! Participants are encouraged to contact our current champion John (formerly Gustav) for more details at *johnpanicked@yahoo.ca*

Our Baronial Championship for Arts and Sciences will also be one of the centers of attention, and participants from afar are welcome to showcase their talents at our display tables, and act as our inspiration for the day! Classes are also in the works, and anyone wishing to teach is encouraged to contact our A&S liaison for the event: Lady Jeanne de Robin at * joanna.hobbins@gmail.com*

There will also be a heavy weapons list available for all fighters from the area to demonstrate their prowess to our visiting Monarchs; however fighters should be prepared, as this display may expose them to the outside elements!

Immediately following court, a sumptuous feast will be served to honour our Barony's anniversary and the Royal Visit, created by our own resident Kitchen-Meister, Lord Petru Voda and his talented crew, will be certain to satisfy the hungriest of gentles. It is based on the theme of Winter Comfort food, including various meat based pies and stews, as well as other delicacies. For food allergy related questions or concerns, please contact Lord Petru at *petruvoda@videotron.ca*

Merchants are most welcome; however they are advised to contact our merchant liaison as space will be limited. Contact Mistress Freya Karlsdottir (Lizbeth Clark) for more info at *freya46@gmail.com*

Price for the event is as follows (all prices in Canadian funds, US funds accepted at par):
*Pre-registered (SCA member*)*
Adult (on-board): $23
Adult (off –board): $15
Child under 14** (on-board): $13
Child under 14** (off-board): $8
Family Cap (on-board): $60
Family Cap (off-board): $40

*At the door (SCA member*)*
Adult (on-board): $25
Adult (off –board): $17
Child under 14** (on-board): $15
Child under 14** (off-board): $10
Family Cap (on-board): $65
Family Cap (off-board): $45

*A surcharge of $3 will be added for non-members or those without proof of membership. No exceptions. Students under the age of 18 are exempt.
**Children under 4 are free.

Please remember that the ONLY reservation is a PAID reservation. Cutoff date for reservations is February 22nd, 2008. Feast is limited to 70 people on-board. The chefs shall be cooking for 70 or the received and paid reservations, so please reserve early and avoid the risk of missing this great feast!

Site Info:
Centre Communautaire de Vercheres*
92, montée Calixa-Lavallée*
Verchères, Quebec, Canada, J0L 2R0*

Site is Handicap friendly. Event is "damp" (beer and wine) however people are encouraged to drink from period containers. NO open candles allowed. Site opens at 10:00am, and closes at 10:00pm.

Revel-Meister (*Steward*): Master Conrad Connor MacAllyn vchiarelli@carillon.ca

Kitchen-Meister (*Head chef)*: Lord Petru Voda petruvoda@videotron.ca

Directions (to be confirmed):
*From Montreal* (Lafonatine Tunnel on Hwy 20, Jacques Cartier Bridge in Rte 116, Champlain Bridge on Hwy 10): Take best route to Hwy 30, and head EAST towards Sorel. Take exit 147 off of Hwy 30, and turn LEFT. You are now on montée Calixa-Lavallée. Immediately past the train tracks, the community centre is on your RIGHT.

*From the North*: Take Hwy 20 westbound towards Montreal. Take Exit 98, and head EAST on Hwy 30 (Direction Sorel). Exit 147, and left towards Vercheres. Community Centre is to the RIGHT immediately following the train tracks.

*From the US (I-87)*: I-87 becomes Hwy 15 northbound toward Montreal. At the Champlain Bridge exit, follow direction for Hwy 10 eastbound (towards Sherbrooke), and take the Hwy 30 EAST exit (Exit 11) heading towards Sorel and follow directions "From Montreal"

*From US (I-89)*: I-89 becomes Rte133, then becomes Hwy 35. Follow direction towards Montreal. Off of Hwy 35, take the Hwy 10 exit (westbound) heading TOWARDS Montreal. Follow Hwy 10 to the Hwy 30 exit (Exit 11) heading EAST towards Sorel and follow directions "From Montreal".

*From Ontario:* Take the 417 or 401 towards Montreal, and follow directions "From Montreal". Location:
Barony of l'ile du Dragon Dormant (Verchères, Québec)