[LOC] Second Stormhold Punitive Expedition

In the summer of A.S. XL1 the Cairnfell Surveying Expeditions of the Baronies of Innilgard and Stormhold set forth. The aim was to determine whether the region fell under the domain of his Excellency Baron Innilgard or his Excellency Baron Stormhold.

In the course of their endeavors they were set upon by bandits and wild men of this remote region of the realm. After a series of skirmishes in which the forces of the two Barons acquitted themselves with a degree of competence, they were met by combined forces of bandits and local hill men.

The battle was fierce. While the forces of the two Baronies fought well and bravely they were no match for the numbers pitched against them. Rather than be overwhelmed, the retreat was sounded and the two Barons withdrew.

The upcoming plan
Winter has come and gone as has the snow that had made the roads impassable. The two Baronies plan to revisit the scene of their defeat and ensure that their enemies are dealt with in a manner fitting to their station and their crimes.

To this end, the Baronies have Conscripted various auxillary troops for the purpose of punitive retribution. All bandit and Hill Men beware!

Patrols of Light cavalry will be sweeping through the area. Tax collectors may make visits to remote steadholder in an effort to bring the Tax Lax to task. All gentles residing in or passing through the Cairnfell Canton will need to report to the Constable's Table for review at this time.

Friday afternoon, 25th of January to Monday Morning 28th of January A.S.XXXXII (2008)

Where Glenlyon Reserve, Glenlyon.
This is about one hours drive from the Melbourne G.P.O.

Webmap: http://tinyurl.com/39nmuu

Includes all meals from the soup kitchen Friday night 'till breakfast Monday! Society Members $55.00
Non-members $60.00
Children under 16 years of age $25.00
Children under 5 years of age $0.00 (free)
Bookings to Sarah Chignall schignell@bigpond.com
Booking should be received no later than Tuesday 22nd of January.

http://www.sca.org.au/stormhold/Survey2008 Location:
Barony of Stormhold (Glenlyon, Victoria)