[DRA] 12th Night Coronation

The Coronation of Drachenwald's 30th new King and Queen, Sir Sven and Lady Jovi, will be held in Nordmark!

The Shire of Gotvik bids the populace of Drachenwald a warm welcome to celebrate 12th Night Coronation!

The event will be held in Munktorp's communal house west of Västerås in Sweden.

For those who can and want to it is OK to come on thursday evening, we will hang out in Tallåsgården (the crash space a little bit away from the main site) and do last minute preparations and perhaps fight a little. No food arranged or anything but there is crash space there and we will go eat pizza etc., for more information email to rohe @ prevas.se or to kronjan2008@zoomin.se

The event schedule set at this time is as all schedules subject to change when the autocrat or Governing royals so decide, this is as always to be seen as a guideline.

Send your reservation to kronjan2008@zoomin.se Reservation should include:

  • mundane name
  • SCA name
  • address
  • phone number
  • e-mail
  • shire/canton
  • membership number.
  • And allergies you wish us to care about..
  • Please write if its OK to list you on the web as registered.

Handicap information
The site is partially handicap accessible, all areas except the showers can be accessed in a wheel-chair. There is one set of stairs to get to the showers from the gym hall.

Sleeping quarters and feast hall is in separate buildings, the closest about 50 yards away. It is possible to get about 20 yards from the main building in a car and then there is a long ramp up to the door.

http://kronjan2008.zoomin.se/?tst=20071218T205109Z&norefresh=1198011069 Location:
Shire of Gotvik (Västerås, Sweden)