[EAS] King's and Queen's Bardic Championship

The Shire of Anglespur, the Jewel of the East, is pleased to host this year’s King’s and Queen’s Bardic Championship! Bards, Singers, Musicians and Storytellers from all over the East Kingdom are invited to come and share their talents in this illustrious competition.

The Bardic Competition is to be divided into three rounds. Please note that the theme of the event is "Heroes of the Empire," and Their Majesties wish to hear songs, tales, and poems of the East Realm's greatest men and women. Also we would remind the bards that Their Majesties will be basing their decision on all three rounds.

Round One:
Performance of a historically accurate piece prior to 1605 or an original piece in a period style. In either case, creative liberty can be taken, and speculative reconstruction using historical elements is fine. For example, one could sing a period song with lute accompaniment, tell a story from the Decameron in English, play an original tune in a period style on a recorder, or recite an English translation of an Old English poem. Alternatively, one could tell us a story of an East Realm hero using any of these mediums.

Note that original works need not be written by the performer, so long as the style is documentably period. For all pieces, please provide documentation on an index card and keep the performance time under 6 minutes.

Round Two:
Roughly half the competitors will be eliminated. The performance will follow the same limitations as Round One, but is required to be in a different bardic style. For example, if you sang in Round One, you may tell a story in Round Two. If you recited a poem in Round One, you may play an instrument in Round Two. Please provide documentation on an index card and keep the performance time under 8 minutes.

Round Three:
All but roughly four of the competitors will be eliminated. Limitations and format are at the discretion of their majesties, and will be announced after Round Two. Be mindful of the theme of the event, and good luck!

The Bardic Competition will begin at 11 am. If you have questions about the competition, please contact the King’s Bard, Lord Grim the Skald, at daniel_h_marsh@yahoo.com.

Those who are not bards will still have plenty to do! Classes and games will be offered for all in the Great Hall. If you would like to teach, please contact the Autocrat. And there will be ample space to work on projects and to socialize during the day. For young people, children’s activities will be available.

Since no one leaves an Anglespur event hungry, an appropriately excessive sideboard and feast will be prepared by our own Lady Katy the Obscure. The feast can only serve 60 people, so please reserve early and often!

Reservations/Site Fees: Pre-registrations must be received by February 16, 2008. Site fees: Adult: $10; Children 6-17: $5; Children 5 and under are free. A $3 non-member surcharge will be charged. The feast fee is $9 per person. Children in parents’ laps are free for the feast.

The site will be the Hoosick Falls High School. The site address is River Road, Hoosick Falls, NY 12090. The site opens at 10 am and closes at 9 pm.

If you wish to volunteer or to assist with any aspect of this event, please feel free to contact the Autocrat, Meistres Angharad verch Rees (Allison Sarnoff), at angharadoftherose@yahoo.com or Feast questions can be addressed to the Head Cook, Lady Katy the Obscure (Katy Culhane) at katytheobscure@yahoo.com

From the West:
Take your best route to the New York State Thruway to the non-toll portion of I-90. Take that heading East to I-787 North. From I-787 North, take Exit 9E (Route 7 East, Troy). Follow directions from ** below.

From the South:
Take your best route to the New York State Thruway. Take Exit 23 to I-787. From I-787 North, take Exit 9E (Route 7 East, Troy). Follow directions from ** below.

From the North:
Take your best route to the Adirondack Northway. Take Exit 7 to Route 7 East. Follow directions from ** below.

**Take Route 7 for approximately 23 miles (28 miles from Northway). Turn LEFT onto Route 22 North. The school will be on your left.

From the East:
Take your best route to I-90 West. The first exit in New York State is Exit B3 (Route 22, New Lebanon/Austerlitz). Take that Exit and turn Right onto Route 22. Continue on Route 22 for approximately 35 miles. Route 22 will come to a T and a flashing red light. Turn Right onto Route 7/Route 22. Turn left to continue on Route 22. The school will be on your left. Location:
Shire of Anglespur (Hoosick Falls, New York)