Conal's Corner

Conal's Corner, operated by Lord Conal Mac Nachtan, offers Society for Creative Anachronism themed shirts, hats, gifts, and more.

The site features a large selection of Chirurgeon and Water Bearer Gear, including working gear like bags for Chirurgeons' kits that don't shout "MUNDANE!", signs and posters for Chirurgeons' Point, medallions for each rank of Chirurgeon, as well as mundane garb items that are perfect for wearing at fighters practices and "no-garb" events. They also have beautiful and thoughtful items that can be used for awards and gifts, like keepsake boxes, mugs & steins, pillows and more.

Among the selections are popular "Not just something we do on the weekend" merchandise, the "Nine words that make a Knight" products, an expanding collection of awards medallions - including the Chivalry, Laurels, and Pelicans, and a selection of humorous T-shirts, including the (in)famous "Natural Selection" series.