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I am in the process of developing my persona. I have gone so far as to create a bit of background for my persona (Guinevere's parents). I have a couple of questions reguarding Guinevere's mother:

Time period: 1499 A`ine has been educated by a Welsh man, Phelip. Phelip comes to A`ine's rescue. They get married with the blessing of A`ine's Father. A`ine and Phelip move to Wales because of the growing unrest between the Protestant and Cathloic's. A`ine comes from a wealthy family, that owns land at the time. (1484-1500)Her father dies in 1500.

What happens to the land after A`ine's parents die? Does A`ine and her husband become the landowners? (oh A`ine is the only child that survived) If A`ine gets the land, does she have to live in Ireland to claim it?

If A`ine does not have to move back to Ireland, can A`ine's one and only child Guinevere claim the land?

Side note: Is A`ine (Irish woman who lived from 1485-1520) correct for the time period? And Phelip (Welsh man who lived from 1475-1520)? Any guidence you can give on this era, would be helpful. Thank you.

In 1520, the Reformed are

In 1520, the Reformed are not active in Wales.

Basically, it takes until 1536 and the Act of Supremacy for the Reformation to hit Cardiff, so the issues of religion would not be important.

I'm inclined to trust this

Short answer on inheritance in Irelan is "you got one third to one half" ...

Heres a cite out of it

'An example of a half share is provided by the will of Francis Lumbard of Waterford (dated 1590) in which he declared:

"I give to my wife the half of all my personality [and that] my said brother James assisted by my wife shall distribute the other half of my said goods [in this case, in the form of cash payments]" (Carrigan, 1907: 69).'

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