[OUT] Candlemas in Dragonsspine

Come one and all to the Grand Ball of Dragonsspine! This February 2nd marks the return of Candlemas to The Outlands' winter schedule once more. This year's event will be held in the Tudor inspired ---- Church. The hall provides ample opportunity for one and all to view what always promises to be one of the most splendid Court's of the season.

February 2 is "Candlemas" in many churches and is the day for observing the ritual purification of Mary forty days after the birth of Jesus. The day has pagan roots and was a Christian adaptation of the older practices for this midwinter festivity as it marks the midway point between Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox from which we get our "Groundhog Day." Since the presentation was also the purification of Mary, the church developed ritual practices known as the "Churching of Women" or "Thanksgiving of Women after Childbirth." In pagan religions, this day would be marked with many celebratory fires and feasts of thanks for reaching this far into winter and the coming spring.

With the return of Candlemas, the return of the Courtesan's Tournament will be marked as well. This Tournament will infuse the areas of fighting as well as Arts and Sciences between its participants. The tournament will comprise a teaming of two individuals who earn points for both their showings on the field and on paper for their A and S entries. Though one may win the list field, an equal showing will be required in the A and S to achieve victory in this Tournament. More details to follow.

As always with the feasting season, Dragonsspine knows how to put its best foot forward with its award winning and always raved about feasts. This year, Master Eric Edmundsson returns to the Kitchen to bring about mouth-watering sensations to your palates. Master Eric is one of the founding members of our Cook's Guild and to have the chance to eat his food is always an anticipated occasion, do not miss it! There will be limited seating for this engagement and it promises to disappear fast. There are only 58 feasts to be sold and they must be pre-paid.

Once again this year's Candlemas will be host to both classes and fighting. A complete listing of classes and fighting schedules and tournaments will be listed soon so please make note to keep watch. All fighting will be held within easy walking distance at Colorado College. As such, access to this event is extremely easy and convenient to be reached from the King's highway (I-25).

Directions to site: Please take the Kings Highway( I-25) to the Uintah street exit. Head East to Cascade and take a right. You will pass Colorado College and take a left onto Dale Street. The Church is on the corner of Dale and Tejon.

As the theme with this year's Candlemas is the Grand Ball, expect Court to entertain this winter season's finest garments. Come and be part of the pomp and circumstance with showing your finest and you will be duly noticed. So come and join us on the Feast Day of St. Catherine, as always, you will not be disappointed.

Site Fee: $13 per adult/$6 per child (over 6)
Feast Fee: $12 per adult/ $6 per child Location:
Barony of Dragonsspine (Colorado Springs, Colorado)