SCA "family of choice" in Colorado

The Middle Ages is alive and well in Cache Valley, Colorado thanks to the efforts of Artemisia's Shire of Cote du Ciel. Devin Felix has the story on the Associated Press Newswires.

Felix spoke with some of the shire's members including Jenn Rhoades who joined the SCA for the history and creative opportunities and found friends there. "I've met people in the SCA that I never knew people like that existed, people I would literally be willing to jump off a cliff for," she said, adding that it's her "family of choice."


The article refers to Cache Valley, Utah, and notes that the current King of Artemisia lives in Colorado. If there is a Cache Valley in Colorado, it belongs to our friends in the Outlands, not us.

HL Morgan Blaidd Du,
Loch Salann, Artemisia

deputy Kingdom Seneschal

Thanks for the correction

As sometimes is the case, the modern-world press doesn't quite "get" our SCA geography.

Thanks for setting the record straight.