Youth and teen activities at Estrella War XXIV

The Event Coordinators for Estrella War XXIV (Feb 12-18, 2008) welcome families bringing young family members to Estrella War, and want everyone to know there's lots for the under-18 year olds to do!

Here are some examples from the information now on the Estrella War web site:

  • ARTS & SCIENCES CLASSES: Classes appropriate for children and teens are scheduled in the Youth Complex.

  • TODDLER PLAY AREA: A carpeted area and play- yard (with chairs for parents to sit and visit other parents) is available for parents to share time with their little ones (ages 0-4). This is a parent-lead and supervised area, with a few toys provided.

  • YOUTH CENTER: Projects (supplies and basic instruction) are provided for children who do not wish to participate in something as structured as a class. Parents are encouraged to stay and enjoy this creative time with their children.

  • TEEN CENTER: A separate area is set aside at the Youth Complex for teens, with projects available and a table of games (tournament are possible!). In evening hours, the center provides a designated, chaperoned area for teens to come and hang out with friends.

  • YOUTH CHALLENGE & PIZZA PARTY (ages 10-17): Lady Elizabeth ingen Iames is sponsoring a Youth Challenge Program to give young people the opportunity to participate in a friendly competition. Beginning Thursday, Youth Challenge Points will be awarded to young people who register and report their progress and activities in the following areas: Arts and Sciences, Youth Combat, and Volunteer Hours. Each entrant must have points in at least two of the three areas to qualify to 1) win the Estrella War Youth Champion Banner & Scroll for the year, and to 2) attend the Pizza Party taking place Saturday afternoon.

  • YOUTH COMBAT: The Kingdom of Atenveldt allows "Youth Combat" for boys and girls between the age of 6 and 17 years of age. Participation requires compliance with special armor and weapons standards, as well as the presence of the parent or legal guardian during all tournaments and scenarios in which the youth participates (see the YOUTH COMBAT page of the website for all requirements). This year's Youth Combat schedule includes:
    Thu, Feb 14th 2:00-5:00PM-Known World Youth Friendship Melee
    Fri, Feb 15th 2:00-5:00PM-Estrella Youth Combat Tournament
    Sat, Feb 16th 2:00-5:00PM-Atenveldt Youth Melees
    Sun, Feb 17th 2:00-5:00PM-Caid Youth Melees

  • INTERKINGDOM YOUTH MINISTER LUNCHEON: The coordinators of the Youth/Teen Complex at Estrella War XXIV are again hosting a luncheon for all Youth & Children Ministers and Officers. The luncheon is intended as a venue to allow those who dedicate their time and energy to youth activities in the SCA to meet and mingle, share ideas and funny stories and discuss current events within the Youth Office. All SCA Youth Ministers and Officers are invited to attend on Thursday from NOON - 1:30 PM at the Youth/Teen Center!


  • MINORS NEED THE RIGHT PAPERWORK to be admitted to the event. See the "ATTENDING WITH MINORS" page in the REGISTRATION-FRONT GATE section of the website for forms and instructions.

  • THERE IS A MINORS CURFEW at Estrella War. Be sure everyone in your group (adults and those under the age of 18 years old) understands the curfew restrictions.

  • PARENTS AND TEMPORARY GUARDIANS ARE HELD RESPONSIBLE for the behavior of the minors in their care at Estrella War XXIV (see the "CHILDRENS ACTIVITIES" and "TEEN ACTIVITIES" pages of the website).

  • YOUTH AND TEEN CENTERS VOLUNTEERS ARE NEEDED TEEN CENTERS (all the work at Estrella is done by Volunteers!). If interested, please contact Lady Ilora von Neunhoff, Youth Center Coordinator for Estrella War XXIV, at lhopf32@ [OMIT SPACES].

  • YOUTH COMBAT VOLUNTEERS ARE NEEDED TO ASSIST WITH SETUP, PAPERWORK and MARSHALING YOUTH COMBAT (again, all the work at Estrella is done by Volunteers!). If interested, please contact Lord Willem MacAmish, Atenveldt Youth Combat Marshal, at thedustycelt@ [OMIT SPACES].

The Estrella War website ( has a wealth of information about the Estrella War XXIV to be held Feb 12 - 18, 2008 at Canyon Moon Ranch in Florence, AZ. If you're considering scheduling a winter vacation to attend the event next year, your planning should start with looking at the Estrella War website!

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