[WES] Fighter Practice and Feast

The Stronghold of Warriors' Gate presents Fighter Practice and Feast

When: Sunday 25 November
10:45 Meet at the Main Gate for Sign in.
11:00 Meet at Dorm 708 for Fighter Practice.
2:00 Meet at Dorn 386 for Feast.
Where: Osan AFB

Fighting: There is a BBQ pit in the middle of a Square of Dorms that includes Dorm 708 and 705. This is where we usually met for Fighter Practice. There are space for the spectators to sit and good space (with a fair amount of passer-bys) for fighting. It is also close to Scott's Dorm for the Loaner Armor and Jason's Dorm for the feast. (if it rains we can move the fighting to the Square nearby to fight under a roof – though in restricted space)

Feast: Dorm 386 – we will need people to move food there for the feast, but its just across the road from the fighting.

Fighting: Since we have 2 sets of Loaner Armor Lord Ivan has agreed to teach a class to newbies. (He is not yet cleared to fight himself) We are hoping to have some other fighters to then have a mini-tournament.

Feast: We will be doing a Thanksgiving type feast.
A&S: Lets do a little A&S competition. Period Deserts with 1 page of documentation.

I am gonna go out on a limb and say $8 … in the end it will depend on the amount of people attending.

This event is in GARB – if you don't have garb please let us know, we have lots of loaner that we can bring. Remember to bring CLOAKS … for yourself and to lend if you have spare.

Who: Everyone!! Bring friends. Please just let us know how many. Thus far we have:

  • Lady Bernadette (Benika)
  • M'lady Margaret (Kierstie)
  • Lady Jambres (Salina)
  • Lady Freyja (Telly)
  • Lord Ivan (Dave)
  • M'lord Arslan (John)


  • Jason
  • Murf
  • Matt
Contact: If you are lost and cant find us

Lady Bernadette
bencrous@yahoo.com Location:
Stronghold of Warrior's Gate (Osan AFB, South Korea)