SCA Grand Council Nomination Announcement

Lord Wulfred Hansard of Richmond, Chairman of the Nominations Committee of the Grand Council of the SCA, Inc., announces that the Council is seeking applicants for the Council.

Lord Wulfred writes:

THE GRAND COUNCIL WANTS YOU! The Grand Council is a standing advisory committee to the Board of Directors of the SCA, Inc. It is charged with providing proposals and ideas to the Board of Directors on issues of change to the modern functioning of the SCA. The Council's discussions cover a wide range of topics, including the relationship between the Corporation and Society branches, services provided by the Corporation, international organization, and the corporate governing documents.

WHAT WE'RE LOOKING FOR: Gentles with a wide variety of Society and modern backgrounds and experiences make up the Grand Council. You must be able to communicate with the Grand Council frequently by email. You'll also be expected to discuss Grand Council issues with gentles in your area. Please contact Lord Wulfred Hansard, chairman of the Nominations Committee, for more information on application for membership on the Grand Council.