[ACR] Spanish Reconquista

In the year 476 A.D., the Spanish began the Reconquista of Spain, a period lasting almost 1000 years. His grace, King Pedro Santiago Villarquemada has decreed that's too bloody long, so we are going to do it again... in 4 hours! That's right... 4 hours of continuos fighting.. All holds local to that city only.. Strategy and flow of battle will be natural, not artifically imposed. Commanders will be responsible for resting / pushing their troops to either protect Moorish Spain or to conquer it.

When is this going to happen? December 1st, on the grounds of the sands point preserve, Port Washington, NY. Armor inspection begins at 10:30 and the canon goes off promptly at noon. Fighters showing up late will be fed into the battle as reserves.

The Spanish Reconquista
Where: Sands Point Preserve
When: December 1, 2007
Site opens 10 am
Armor inspection starts 10:30 am
Canon goes off at 12 noon
Site Fee: $7.00 off-board
Autocrat: Syr Hanover von Eisenfaust

The event is in Sands Point, Long Island. Take your best route to the Long Island Expressway, exit 36 (Searingtown Rd.) When you exit the Expressway, take Searingtown road north towards the town of Sands Point. You will enter the town of Port Washington first, and Searingtown Road will become Port Washington Blvd. Continue north and enter the town of Sands Point. You will see signs for the Sand Point Preserve (a.k.a. dinosaur exhibit) on the right side. Enter the preserve and follow the long driveway to the gate. Go straight, continue past Castle Gould (on the right), and make a left at the road, which winds around and brings you to Hempstead House on the hill.

Battle Conventions
(these are continuously being revised and should not be considered final) The battle will run continuously from 12 noon to 4pm with unlimited resurrections.

Weapon / Armor Conventions: Standard Acre weapon/armor conventions will be followed. However, we will allow fighters from visiting kingdoms to use East Kingdom rattan conventions. Combat archery will be allowed, but no seige weapons due to safety concerns.

Death From Behind will be allowed as per West Kingdom rules. Combat archers cannot kill from behind.

Resurrection: Fighters can resurrect at any city their side controls. Control is determined as follows:

  • That city flys your banner
  • That city has at least one fighter from your side inside the walls
  • That city is not under siege
  • If one side has lost control of all cities, fighters may then resurrect at their staging points.

City Under Siege A city is considered Under Siege if both entrances are being threatened by enough fighters to force a breach. In simple terms, if the entrance is 2 wide, you need at least 2 people threatening within spear length of that entrance for the city to be considered under siege. A city can also be considered under siege if the opposing side manages to force a breach and gets fighters inside that city. When a city is under siege, the marshal for that city will raise a red flag to let fighters know that city is no longer available for resurrection.

Conquering a City: A city is considered conquered when all opposing fighters have been cleared from the city and a new banner is brought into the building and raised up. The opposing banner can be lowered once the opposing fighters have been cleared from the city, but if a new banner is not available to be raised, then that city is not considered conquered and fighters from neither side can resurrect there.

Banners that have been lowered must be resurrected using the same rules as resurrecting a fighter. They cannot be captured and held. Cities with no fighters in them are considered "abandoned" and can be claimed by anyone with a banner.

Battle Scenario
As fighters troll in, they will be directed as to which side they will fight on and be given colored tape for their helms to designate their affiliation. Efforts will be made to allow units to fight together, although that may not always be possible.

Layout: The will be 5 hay-bail "cities"; Navarre, Salamanca, Seville, Granada and Cadiz. Crusaders will start in Navarre, the Moors will start in all the other cities. The Moors must start with at least 1 fighter in each city, Crusaders must start with all fighters in Navarre.

Each side will be given 5 banners with their colors on it to designate cities they control.

At the sound of the cannon, each side will attempt to control as many cities as they can. There will be no general holds called, only local city holds for safety reasons. At the end of 4 hours, victory will be determined. Victory Conditions: At the end of 4 hours, Victory conditions will be as follows:

  • Crusaders control all 5 cities - Decisive Crusader Victory
  • Crusaders control any 4 cities - Marginal Crusader Victory
  • Moors control any 2 cities - Marginal Moorish Victory
  • Moors control any 3 cities - Decisive Moorish Victory

http://www.kingdomofacre.org/events/reconquista07.html Location:
Kingdom of Acre (Port Washington, New York)