SCA Forums online

Ivhon Thorne has created an a website for online discussions about topics of interest to the SCA. SCA-Forums offers a centralized site for SCA information and a place to ask SCA-related questions.

Ivhon Thorne writes:

Greetings, folks. For awhile now, I've been lamenting my inbox and the utter mess it can become with the various SCA elists to which I belong. I've also gotten frustrated the different times I've attempted to look for centralized information about the Society and have been unable to find a place to ask the questions or have the discussions that I'd like to have.

Considering these factors, I've decided to open a site dedicated to information and discussion for the SCA. Though various Kingdoms and groups have their own forums, I was unable to find something that had the scope that I was looking for. So, after a couple of weeks of part-time work, I put together a bulletin board that I hope will do the job.

Please feel free to post this announcement to other lists. I'd like to get as many people involved as possible.

The Forums can be found by clicking "original article" below.

Hope to see you there.

In Service,
Ivhon Thorne