[LOC] Border War X

We, the Populace of that Beauteous Shire of Bordescros, do intend to Celebrate our Tenth Anniversary in such a Grand Fashion that the Denizens of Lochac and all the Kingdoms of the Known World will remember the Festivities and Prayse them until the ending of all things.

For that that shall be, this coming February 22nd to the 24th (AS 42 / AD 2008), we, the Officers and Populace of the Shire of Bordescros, shall Celebrate in the Feast Hall and upon the Tourney Field, at the Archery Butts, with Games and the Handiwork of our Artisans, indeed, as Needs Must and the Desire of the Fighters shall be, upon the War Field, at BORDER WAR

Once again, at Coulston Park, Tangambalanga, Thou art invited to Gather, to Indulge in the Practise of the Arts of War, and for those that Eschew War, the Practise of the Arts of Peace. And once again, as heretofore, there will be a **Mighty War Chest, that those who fight bravely in the Fighter Auction may gift their Patron for their support.

War Scenarios, Archery at the Butts, Rapier (if any Rapieriste turn up), ^Fighter Auction and Tourney Therewith, Boffer Tourney, A Children’s Heraldic Challenge, Arts and Science Collegia and Competition, A Trivial Race Around the (Knowne) World, Games such as Hnefetafl, Palle Malle and the like... and of course, the (in)famous *Oasis from SufferingTM

DATE: February 22 to 24, 2008
VENUE: Coulston Park, TANGAMBALANGA, VIC, 3691

Directions: From North or South, follow the Hume Highway (M31) until you get to Wodonga, take the Bandiana Link and follow it to the end, turn Left onto the B400 and follow it, until just after Gaza Ridge Barracks. Turn Right onto Kiewa Valley Highway (C531), stay on this road, veering left whenever there is a fork until you come to Kiewa East Road (C533), turn left and follow it for about 5 km and Coulston Park is on the left, just before the Pool.

Members: $45.00 After Feb 1 $55.00
Non-Members: $55.00 After Feb 1 $65.00

All monies raised from the Fighter Auction Tourney will be gifted unto Lochac Lists to pay for Fighter Authorisations.

*Bring your swimmers, as the Oasis from Suffering is the local PUBLIC baths.

** We ask that everyone who attends Border War please donate something to the war chest. (Please note – brews should be of thine own handiwork & not commercially brewed). ALL ENQUIRIES TO THE STEWARD AT elizabeth_de_bohun@hotmail.com Location:
Shire of Bordescros (Tangambalanga, Victoria)