Viking symposium in Melbourne, November 24, 2007

On November 24, 2007, the University of Melbourne in Victoria will present Vikings and Their Enemies: A Symposium from 9.45am - 5.30pm at the Wood Theatre.

Speakers included Dr John Martin, Professor Margaret Clunies Ross, Dr John Kennedy and emerging Australian scholars

From the website:

Most peoples of early Europe had contact with vikings as they traded, raided and settled across the continent and beyond. Conventionally vikings have been seen as enemies of the peoples they encountered, and of the Christian church. This symposium presents a broad exploration of ‘viking enemies’ from the traditional to emerging concerns including the construction of ethnic and regional identities and 20th century depictions of vikings.

This symposium will bring together senior academics, post-graduates and early career researchers from a variety of disciplines to discuss the actions and perceptions of vikings and their enemies.

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Dr Katrina Burge
School of Languages and Linguistics
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