Errors in A&S Schedule in Pennsic Onsite Book

The Pennsic 32 Publications Editor announced that the Pennsic Onsite Book has errors in the A&S Classes by Day schedule. Greetings from the Pennsic 32 Publications Editor --

The bad news: I just learned that the A&S Classes by Day schedules listed in the just-published Pennsic Onsite Book are not accurate.

The good news: the Classes by Subject in the book are correct.

(Also, please note that the Master Schedule, martial schedules, Performance Tent schedules, etc. were ALL accurate as of press time! Plus, the book contains a detailed map of "Pennsic Town" and a list of all pre-registered groups and their locations.)

I know that many gentles plan which classes to attend before arriving at Pennsic, and I wanted to notify them ASAP so that they could do so accurately.

Here is the link to the accurate class descriptions:

Mistress Chai, the A&S Coordinator, plans to correct and update the Classes by Day link soon. Plus, she will have the accurate Classes by Day printout at A&S Point.

In Service,
Dame Katja Davidova Orlova Khazarina