Lady Cécile de Brétigny Receives Laurel in Atenveldt

At Coronation on November 3, 2007, Their Royal Majesties of Atenveldt, Morgan and Livia, asked Lady Cécile de Brétigny for the answer to the question They had posed to her a week earlier: whether she would accept elevation to the Order of the Laurel from Their hands. Cécile accepted and was inducted into the Order.

Cécile was heralded in by Master Sim MacFearchair, O.L., an Atenveldt Laurel well-known for his operatic voice and dramatic flair. Her speakers were Her Excellency, Countess Sir Trude Lacklandia, KSCA, O.L., Pel. for the Pelicans; His Royal Highness, Count Sir Eduard Gostomski, Crown Prince of Atenveldt, for the Chivalry; Her Royal Highness, Duchess Asa Hrafnsdottir, Crown Princess of Atenveldt, for the Royal Peers; Lord Fergus de Botha and Lord Iamys MacMurray de Morayshire for the Populace; and Mistress Meadhbh ní Dhubhthaigh and Her Excellency, Baroness Jadi Fatima al-Ishfahani al-Samarkandiyya, who traveled from the Kingdom of Meridies, for the Laurels.

Master José Felipe Francisco, Saestre de Madrid, O.L., traveled from the East Kingdom to join Her Excellency, Posadnitsa Dascha Alexandrova Rostova, Pel., to release their apprentice/protégé. Other guests included His Royal Majesty, Uther, King of Gleann Abhann, and Her Grace, Duchess Angharad Bandaspus Drakenhefd, Duchess An Tir.