Viscount Sir Justin du Roc Made Laurel in Atenveldt, 44th Quadruple Peer in World

At Coronation on 3 November 2007, Their Royal Majesties Morgan and Livia, whose mugs were dry, asked His Excellency, Viscount Sir Justin du Roc, KSCA, OP, to get them refilled. When he had done so, Their Majesties surprised him with his Laurel as well, making him the 44th quadruple peer in the Known World.

Viscount Sir Justin (also called Wotan) received his Knighthood on 1 July 1978 from TRMs Johann I & Malinda I of Atenveldt. His Pelican followed on 2 November 1991 from TRMs Thorfinn II & Sarah II of Atenveldt.

From 1979-90, he was also five times Prince of the Sun, four times with his lady wife, Her Excellency, Viscountess Victoria of the Vales of Barnsdale, O.L., Pel., and once with Her Excellency, Viscountess Hastini Chandra, O.L., Pel. He was the only one to reach five for many years, until he was tied by Georg of Glacier's Edge & Katarzina Porajski (1998, Oertha), Alfar of Attica (2001, Lochac), Valens of Flatrock (2003, Calontir), Margarita de la Calvi(2004, Oertha) and Vik Vikingsson (2004, Avacal). Only Georg & Katarzina (1999, Oertha) and Margarita (2006, Oertha) have been prince/princess six times.

The 44 Quadruple Peers are (in order of receiving the 4th peerage):

  • 1974 HE Count Sir Stefan de Lorraine
  • 1978 HG Duke Sir Henrik of Havn
  • 1981 HG Duke Sir Cariadoc of the Bow
  • 1981 HE Countess Sir Trude Lacklandia
  • 1983 HE Viscountess Sir Hilary of Serendip
  • 1984 HG Duke Sir James Greyhelm
  • 1984 HG Duke Sir William the Lucky
  • 1985 HE Viscount Sir Theodulf of Borogrove
  • 1985 HG Duke Sir Siegfried von Hoflichskeit
  • 1986 HG Duke Sir Sigmund the Wingfooted
  • 1986 HE Count Sir Jan w Orzeldom
  • 1987 HE Viscount Sir Stefan of the Wanderers
  • 1987 HE Viscount Sir Robert de Spencer
  • 1989 HE Viscount Sir Edward Zifran of Gendy
  • 1990 HG Duke Sir Brion Anthony Uriel Tarragon
  • 1991 HG Duke Sir Thoman Shadan Secarius
  • 1992 HE Count Sir Johnathan Crusadene Whitewolf the Elder
  • 1992 HE Viscount Sir Drew Fortesque
  • 1992 HE Viscount Sir Arik Alton
  • 1992 HE Viscount Sir Scellanus of Skye
  • 1993 HG Duke Sir Inman MacMoore
  • 1995 HE Count Sir Dafydd ap Gwystl
  • 1995 HE Graf Ritter Eric Bearsbane
  • 1995 HE Viscount Sir Edward Drakenfeld
  • 1996 HE Count Sir Obadiah the Obstreperous
  • 1996 HG Duke Sir Gyrth Oldcastle of Ravenspur
  • 1996 HE Viscount Sir Colin de Bray
  • 1997 HG Duke Master Arthur of Lockehaven
  • 1999 HG Duke Master Frederick of Holland
  • 1999 HE Count Sir Jehan de la Marche
  • 1999 HE Viscount Sir Kylson Skyfyre
  • 2002 HE Viscount Sir Cai de Lyon (Gaius Marcellus Auklandus)
  • 2002 HE Count Sir Simonn of Amber Isle
  • 2002 HG Duke Sir Finnvarr de Taahe
  • 2002 HG Duchess Syr Ariel of Glastonbury Tor
  • 2003 HG Duke Sir Eringlin Aldheim
  • 2003 HG Duke Sir Stephen of Beckenham
  • 2003 HE Conde Sir Fernando Rodriguez de Falcon
  • 2004 HG Duke Sir Finn Herjolfsson
  • 2005 HG Duke Sir Ronald Wilmot
  • 2005 HG Duke Sir Michael of Bedford
  • 2006 HE Viscount Sir Georg of Glacier's Edge
  • 2007 HE Viscount Sir Richard de Camville
  • 2007 HE Viscount Sir Justin du Roc

One is missing from your number ...

This list is missing:

Gunwaldt Gullbjørn
Count -- (OUTLANDS) 1986-11-01
Viscount -- (OUTLANDS) 1977-12-17
MSCA -- (ATENVELDT) 1977-05-29
Pelican -- (ATENVELDT) 1984-10-06
Laurel -- OUTLANDS 2006-12-16


Thanks, Marie! I hadn't heard about Gunwaldt's Laureling! YAY!

I also just found out about:

HE Viscount Sir Tojenareum Grenville of Devon
Knight - 8/21/76 EAST
Viscounty - 9/15/79 ATLANTIA
Laurel - 7/17/82 ATLANTIA
Pelican - 3/3/07 ATLANTIA

HE Count Sir Benen MacTire
Knight - 1/11/92 TRIMARIS
County - 9/4/93 TRIMARIS
Pelican - 3/24/84 TRIMARIS
Laurel - 1/2/99 TRIMARIS



In your third paragraph, you seem to be tallying up reigns as Prince or Princess. However, you list Valens of Flatrock, who has only served as King of Calontir, never as territorial Prince.



Thanks, Drix. You are correct. I was misreading my own notes about Valens!