The Passing of THL Seán ui Néill the Staffmaker

The morning of November 1, 2007, THL Sean passed away. He selected a sunny place in the backyard and, by his own hands, left this world.

An Irish Wake will be held at a later date. No information on other services as his family lives out of state.

THL Sean lived in the Barony of Unser Hafen, Kingdom of The Outlands and was known best for his beautiful leather working.

Tir Na Nog

A lover of plaid, wearing no less than five
at a time, he was a loud and distinctive man.

He, a hearty Celt of great skill and story,
is now bound for the land beyond the waves.

Those passed before should rejoice at his coming,
and bask in his fine company, laughing and entertained.

Upon the hour of my own death, I shall seek him in Tir Na Nog -
To hear his tales untold, and we will laugh together once again.