[ART] One Thousand Eyes Baronial Birthday

For twenty years, the proud peacock has spread its plumage over the Heart of these fair lands of Artemisia. Come join us in celebrating the twentieth birthday of the Barony of One Thousand Eyes!

During this wonderful event a new Baronial warlord will be chosen to lead our forces in combat. A three weapon tourney will be held to determine who most is worthy to hold this honorable title. This will be a round robin format featuring sword and shield, florentine and six foot spear and small shield. Only members of our barony may win but all fighters are invited to join us in testing the skill and resolve of our new warlord.

A fine feast will be served in the evening hours, provided by the lovely and talented Mariha. The feast will feature a whole roast pig, babaganoush, hummus, salad, pita, couscous and maybe some more Mediterranean treats. Anybody who goes home hungry from a feast served by Mariha has no one to fault but them selves.

Bards and entertainers are welcome to join in during feast. As is tradition anyone with memories or stories to tell about this great Barony will be welcomes to share them while we eat.

Come enjoy hospitality of One Thousand Eyes and help us celebrate two decades of honor and grace in the Heart of Artemisia!

Site: Idaho Falls Rec Center. Take I -15 to exit 119 in IF. Turn west on highway 20, proceed to the light at the top of the hill and turn right(north) on Skyline. Two blocks down on the left, just before the airport entrance. Site opens at 10 AM, lists open immediately following opening court or noon, whichever is sooner.

Site fee is 6 dollar for adults and 3 for youth 6-14. 3 dollar nonmember surcharge applies, as always.

Feast will be 7 dollars per head. Please send payment to my feast steward or my self. We will likely be able to take you as you come as well as this is a large pig.

Autocrat: Lord Roger de Palermo rogerdepalermoATyahooDOTcom
Feast Steward: Mariha Berrett Location:
Barony of One Thousand Eyes (Idaho Falls, Idaho)