It's "Hurray" in An Tir!

Their Majesties Gunnar and Gabrielle of the Kingdom of An Tir have requested that the cheer "Hurray!" be used during Their Reign. Traditionally good news in the Kingdom of An Tir has been acknowledged with the cheer "Huzzah!", but Their Majesites Gunnar and Gabrielle have requested a change for Their reign. The new cheer will be "Hurray!", according to Natasha, Vox Leonis Herald. Anyone who plans to be within the An Tir Royal Presence should plan to use this cheer.


So much for tradition. At least they could use " HURRAH!"

Anyone know *why* TRM have required this?

I saw this cross the listserves, also, but nobody seemed to explain why Their Majesties don't like "Huzzah", the traditional cheer for An Tir.

If anyone from that Kingdom can enlighten us, please post a comment here. Enquiring minds want to know.


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more weirdness from An Tir?

Is hurray weirder than huzzah?

Maybe they think it's less of an affectation.



In over 20 years in the Society, I have never heard anything better than Vivat-Trimaris. The first time I heard it 2 years ago it made chills run down my back. To hear the populace respond to Vivat with a resounding Trimaris is great. IMHO. For many years in Meridies as court herald I led hundreds of Hip-Hip, Hurah and I thought that was the best till I started playing in Trimaris. YIS to the Dream, Ld. Adrian Franklyn of Myrtlewood

More? Weirdness ...?

Does An Tir have a particular tradition of weirdness? When does "hurray" date from? Is it only me that thinks it sounds ... well, kindergartenish? Cenedl