Estrella Period Demo Center

Baroness Cynthia de Wickersham reports that this year's Estrella War will feature a Period Demo Center to showcase the A&S skills of the populace. The Center will be open throughout the Estrella War.

Her Excellency writes:

Estrella Period Demo Center

Oyez! Oyez!

To the Artisans of the Knowne World!

We would like to invite you to take part in the Estrella Period Demo Center. Similar to Gulf War's Artisan's Row. The Period Demo Center will be running during all of Estrella.

The Period Demo Center will give you the opportunity to see people working on different types of art and craft projects. A place for people to talk to others about techniques, problems and solutions with projects they are working on with people active in their art forms, and to get ideas for working on new projects.

In addition, we need participants in the Period Demo Center to help out on Friday when the school children from the local area come to Estrella, so they can see first hand Medieval and Renaissance art forms and crafts.

So who are we looking for? What types of art forms and crafts?

Ideally you will need to be able to explain what you are doing and how you do it. Either one-on-one or small groups. Volunteers can be individuals, groups, or guilds working for a block of time, with 4 hours minimum to demonstrate their particular art-form and display information about it. A weaving guild might come in for a entire day with looms, books, examples of their work. Groups of embroiderers might demo period embroidery techniques. A armorer can explain the right and proper method of hammering a rivet. Laurels can come with their apprentices and do a demo and display for an afternoon.

Among the crafts we are looking for is pewter casting, wood carvers, wood workers, potters, entertainers, period games, cutting and sewing tunics, jewelry making, armoring, or just about anything that you can do.

The Period Demo Center and Period Encampment will be located next to the A&S area and Estrella Collegium. Making the Period Demo Center a ideal location to supplement classes being taught at the Collegium with more hands-on time for your students. There will be sunshades available to set up your display and work area, each sunshade will be dedicated to a particular type of art or craft.

If you or anyone you would like to help with the Period Demo Center project, please contact

PDC Coordinator
Baroness Ann Bushnell of Tylehurst

Deputy PDC Coordinator
Baroness Cynthia de Wickersham,

or visit the website by clicking on "original article" below.