Queen of Tarts in AEthelmearc

There will be a cooking competition at Kingdom 12th Night in Endless Hills. The subject? Historical tarts (not street walkers, but pies without a lid)!

What must you do to have your recipe crowned the Queen of Tarts?

Arrive onsite with your entry already baked, to compete for points against the other entries at 2 PM in the main hall, and:

  1. It must be in a pie-format, large or small, and it must not have a top crust (a tart is being defined here as a pastry with a bottom crust, but no top crust. Need NOT be cooked in a pie pan.).
  2. It may be sweet or savory.
  3. It must be based upon an historical recipe, a copy of which you provide along with your redaction (modern translation of the recipe in modern cooking terms). Extra copies of the redacted recipe will be appreciated by the populous.
  4. It must be accompanied by documentation of some form including your recipe and redaction. No other restrictions are being placed on the documentation, but a separate prize will be awarded for best documentation.
  5. You must make your own arrangements regarding heat or cold necessary to properly serve your pastry--no accommodations will be made onsite. Electricity *will* be available if you require such for the technology you bring to keep your entry warm or cold, but NO COOKING is to be done onsite. The site will not provide any kitchen facilities or equipment to keep your dish warm or cold.
  6. You will have a space approx. 12" by 12" to display your item. Historic creativity in display and appearance will make the judges smile, and that's a good thing.
  7. You must provide at least 4 Servings. More (much smaller) servings for public tasting are appreciated but not necessary.
  8. Volunteer judges are appreciated, but judges may not enter the competition. Consideration will be given to the historic cooking experience of the judges selected. Please contact Dame Aoife before the event to volunteer to judge.
  9. It is requested that the owners of the winning entries remain for court to receive their prize. This is not mandatory.
  10. If Peers are selected as judges, they will be excused from judging their own apprentice/protégé/student's entries, but may judge other entries.

Winners will be selected by an average of the scores: Taste: 20 pts. Period-ness: 10 pts. Documentation: 10 pts. Appearance including display: 10 pts.

Please note that EVERY entry will receive a token in thanks for entering the competition. In addition, ONE entry will be crowned the Queen of Tarts, and ONE cook will receive the prize for best documentation.

For further information, or to volunteer to judge, please contact myself, Dame Aoife Finn of Ynos Mon, at mtnlion at verizon dot net or phone 570-two five three-6228 between 9 and 11 PM T-TH EST and between 6 PM and 11 Pm EST M and F. Email is the preferred method of contact.

Cheers! And good luck to the entrants.