Nadrah Bint Valizan al Garnatiyya to be elevated in Ealdormere

Valizan reports that Nadrah Bint Valizan al Garnatiyya was placed on vigil for elevation to the Order of the Pelican by Their Majesties Trumbrand and Kaylah of Ealdormere.

Valizan writes:

Muallim Al Karim, Rakkas al Bassim, Ra'ee Al Saleh, Sheikh Al Zubeyd Al Sharif Valizan Ibn Fredeh Al Pennjii bows before the noble Ladies and Gentlemen assembled::

It is with great pleasure that this humble sheikh announces that his beloved daughter #1, Nadrah Bint Valizan al Garnatiyya was put on vigil to join The Most Noble Order of the Pelican at Ealdormere's Crown Tournament [recently] in the shire of Brennistein Vatn (which is in far Northern Ealdormere.)

Their Majesties Trumbrand & Kaylah, He, the Quiet Storm, She, the Golden Ray of Sunshine, were most pleased to do this deed and did it with the solid support of the Order.

The plot to get Nadrah into court gives a whole new meaning to the term "court intrigue." The Kingdom seneschal was called before Their Majesties to report on the upcoming merger of the Northern Shires of Noergate (Sault Ste. Marie, ON.), Brennisteinn Vatn (Sudbury, ON) and Flaming Sky (North Bay, ON.) However, she told Their Majesties that, as she was new to the job of K-Sene, she would need the advice of the former Kingdom Seneschal on the matter of the merger. Mistress Marion OP, was invited into court and started speaking about the merger, but then said that as The Honourable Lady Nadrah had stewarded the merger, perhaps her perspective was best.

Their Majesties had Nadrah called into court. She walked up started explaining what was going on with the merger in the Northern Shires. Their Majesties smiled benevolently, Nadrah's friends all sat smirking, as did her husband, Brilliant Son-In-Law #1 and two of her belt sisters.

As Nadrah spoke, I walked up the aisle with Mistress Moria trailing behind me and sat on the floor as if I couldn't hear and had moved closer.

Right there in the aisle, I slipped my turkish slippers off and started rubbing my feet in front of Their Majesties. Mistress Moria started shoving me to get up and say something, but I continued to sit there listening to Nadrah explaining the plan for the shires.

Their Majesties, finally "disturbed" at my continued disruption of Their court (and Mistess Moria getting louder) asked what I was doing in Their Court, at which point Moria pulled my cloak properly over my shoulders and smiled as I begged the boon for Nadrah to be invited into the most noble order of the Pelican.

As most of her friends were present, the audience went wild with applause as a great number of Pelicans appeared before Their Majesties.

Nadrah looked totally like a deer in the headlights as she kneeled before Their Majesties of Ealdormere and was put on vigil. Early plans say she will sit vigil at Winter War in March.

Their Majesties have a theme for their reign, that being "Firsts" and with this vigil, they have created a few more.

  1. Nadrah will be the first Third-Generation Ealdormerean Pelican. (Moria —>Valizan —>Nadrah)
  2. Nadrah will be the first pelican borne from the Northern Shires, as all her work was done there, for there and for the kingdom.
  3. This was the first time Nadrah had been cook for a large event. Usually Northern events are small. (She cooked a spectacular crown feast.)
  4. Nadrah is Valizan's first Protege to be elevated out of his clutches... I mean... circle.
  5. Nadrah is, I believe, the first person Their Majesties have put on vigil during Their reign.

This proud father is filled with joy...

p.s. Woo Hooooooo!