Maxim's "Summer Knights"

Men's magazine "Maxim" seems to have an odd concept of the Pennsic War and the SCA in general in a blurb in the August 2003 issue. A short article appearing in this month's Maxim Magazine discusses the SCA:
"[T]he SCA boasts 24,000 members worldwide for whom geekdom is a contact sport."
and the Pennsic War:
"The SCA's premier event is held August 1-17, when 10,000 virgins leave their mothers' basements for the 32nd annual Pennsic War in ye olde Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania."

The quality of their research into the Current Middle Ages to speculation. Discussions on SCA lists have included comments such as "best laugh I've had in years."

To read the entire article, click on the header.

Editor's Note: The Maxim web site, while not pornographic, contains adult themes and sexually-oriented humor. Those who are easily offended may want to skip this one. -- Ed.