Duke Aaron Worganson victorious in Ealdormere Crown

Duke Aaron Wargonson, inspired by Duchess Rustique Du Sorde, was the victor of the October 27, 2007 Crown Tournament in the Kingdom of Ealdormere. (photos, updated)

Ealdormere's fall Crown Tourney took place on a rainy day in the shire of Brennistein Vatn (Sudbury, ON), attracting sixteen combatants. After a hard-fought, clean tournament, two fighters remained unbeaten going into the finals: Duke Roak of Ealdormere, fighting for Countess Jocea Valente, and Duke Aaron Worganson, fighting for Duchess Rustique du Sorde.

In a series of bouts that took over half an hour to complete, Duke Aaron won the first set of bouts (fought with sword and shield) and Duke Roak took the second (fought with greatsword). The final match (again fought with sword and shield) also went to a third and deciding bout, with Aaron emerging victorious.

Wassail to Aaron and Rustique, Prince and Princess of Ealdormere!