Photos from Drachenwald's Crown tournament, Oct 13th 2007

A number of photo albums and a video album from Drachenwald's October 13 Crown Tournament are now available online.

The site was a handsome 18th century Georgian mansion in the depths of rural Norfolk, now used as a countryside activity centre for scouts and youth groups. It included a lovely high-ceilinged wood-panelled hall for feast and dancing, a modern kitchen that yielded excellent food, and camping space for pavilions.

The weather was a rare and beautiful English autumn day - damp underfoot, but warming comfortably in the bright sun and blue skies. It was some of the finest tourney weather seen in recent years in Drachenwald.

Lady Arianwen's photos, linked from "original article" below, are in reverse chronological order, so they start with a blow-by-blow of the final between HG Sir Sven Gunnarsson (the one from Drachenwald, with a Swedish accent, not the one from An Tir), fighting for the honour of his Lady Jovi Torstensdottir, and HE Sir Gerhardt von Wustenburg, fighting for the honour of his Lady Judith de Northumbria.

This bout went to a best of five bouts, as both entrants wanted a clean and decisive win; in one case, Sir Gerhardt insisted that a blow that Sir Sven had accepted was too light, in another, Sir Sven preferred that one of his thrusts, while good, was made while he and Gerhardt were chatting, and thus Gerhardt was not fully prepared. Thus the final continued until Sir Sven won.

The photos end with the entrance procession of the thirteen couples - a rare pleasure, as Drachenwld crown lists are often quite small.

HE Suibhan inghean Fhearghuis has also posted her photos, which include some from the feast and dancing.

Lady Melisende Fitzwalter has posted a short film of the final to YouTube.

Congratulations to the excellent event team of Flintheath shire, for putting on a fine and hospitable event. For their highnesses Sven and Jovi, Vivant, Vivant, VIVANT!