Update from fire-swept Caid

Mistress Aldgytha of Ashwood is coordinating the fire crisis efforts in the Kingdom of Caid. The report below was gathered from a recent series of messages on the Caid list.

Aldgytha posted that it appears that everyone in the Barony of Altavia is fine but that there have been evacuations in the Baronies of Dreiburgen and Calafia, although, so far, there have been no losses reported.

She also reports that Gyldenholt Harvest, scheduled for Saturday October 27, 2007 has been cancelled due to "poor air quality." For information on the future of the event, visit the website at http://www.sca-gyldenholt.org/

Lastly, Portrero County Park, site of the annual Portrero War, hosted by the Barony of Calafia, was unharmed by the fires.

Thanks to Mistress Aldgytha and her staff for coordinating efforts during this emergency.

Gyldenholt Harvest Tourney Cancellation

As a point of clarification, Harvest Tourney was NOT cancelled due to "poor air quality", but rather due to the fact that we felt that it would be inappropriate and inconsiderate to hold a Tourney while much of our Kingdom is currently experiencing a crisis.

Baron Wulfric Thjostolfsson, OP
5th Baron of Gyldenholt
Kingdom of Caid